Themes on vinyl

Well, I just got my record player working! Now all i need are some spaghetti LP’s… Anybody know of any soundtrack compilations that are available on LP? :o

There are a few brand new ones (well, 2013, anyway) called The Ecstasy of Gold, from Semi-Automatic Records. There are 4 volumes, each a double-LP containing 25 or so cuts from a variety of films. I was able to find volumes 3 and 4, which have mostly rare/obscure artists and titles. I picked them up off Amazon for about $25 apiece, but there are sellers out there asking $50-$80 or more for each 2-record set.

A quick glance at #3 shows cuts by Gori, Fidenco, Nicolai, De Masi, Bacalov, Lavagnino, Trovajoli, Poitevin, Umiliani, Laceranza, Giombini, Rusticelli, Cipriani, and a couple others. I’ve got about a hundred SW soundtrack CDs, and of the 50 tracks on these 2 2-record sets, 20 were ones I didn’t have. I’d love to find the 1st two volumes cheaper than $50 or more.

Kevin Ross

I’m not sure about compilations, but I’ve found a decent number of spaghetti OSTs at used record shops

Damn, those Ecstasy of Gold series looks fantastic.

I have 3LP Morricone compilation I Western / The Italian Western, which misses only few of my favorite Morricone tracks.
I got it recently second-hand in near mint condition for fair price.

Yeah I saw those along with the two Delicious Spaghetti Western sets, really considering dropping some cash on them.

The 3 L.P Morricone one is a real nice set :wink: .

This one?

[quote=“Jonny Powers, post:7, topic:3363”]This one?[/quote]

No (that one looks weird, despite its name it has non-Morricone themes too).
I was talking (and I believe Ennioo too) about this one:

Oh! Ok, thanks! I’ll look around, see if I can find one under $60 ;D

Yes I meant that one aswell like you say :slight_smile: .

The thing about the Ecstasy of Gold sets is they have a lot of really obscure stuff, or stuff that was obscure to me anyway: Djurado, The Texican, and some Nicolai that I’m not even sure is really from a SW. Also, there was one track I REALLY dug, and scrambled to see what it was from. To my horror: it was from Robbie Poitevin’s Little Rita score. Dear God, one of the few SWs I couldn’t finish watching…