The Wild Bunch - soundtrack

(The Man With a Name) #1

Is there any fan projects with the sound corrected for the WIld Bunch? I have the DVD version available in the Peckinpah box set and I am positive the gunfire sounded much better when I watched it on VHS. Is it just me or does anyone else agree the 5.1 mix doesn’t do this film justice?

(Toscano) #2

I’ve watched the ‘Wild Bunch’ on Bluray, several times, with the 5.1. Each time I watch it, I keep wishing that the sound was more immersive, and louder…especially in the shoot-out scenes. However, we need to remember that the film was probably originally made with mono sound…so, perhaps, this is the best version to expect?

(The Man With a Name) #3

I just had a listen to the VHS to see if I was right. The sound is so much better.

(Stanton) #4

From TWB 70 mm prints were made (despite being shot on 35 mm), and these had a stereo audio track. But apart from that the film was shown in mono.

I never heard so far any of the usual 5.1. tracks for mono films about TWB, but they should have added the mono track, or this stereo track.
I remember a theatrical screening for which the film was announced with a stereo track, and the host of the cinema was wondering about that.

(The Man With a Name) #5

Not sure whether my VHS is mono or stereo but it’s far superior to the sound of the DVD. It’s actually quite a recent tape of the director’s cut in widescreen. The shootouts are very loud in comparison to the DVD. The DVD sounds terrible to my ears since I was so used to watching the film with loud gunfire.