The Westerns of Alberto Mariscal

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Have also just come across this Mexican DVD for The Hanging Judge.

There is zero information about it anywhere, except that a few sellers have it available. I asked one of the sellers and it is fullscreen, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get any other info out of them.

Considering purchasing it to see if its an upgrade over the VHS recording, as its fairly cheap. I assume it will still be similar in picture quality, but could be a slight chance it was transferred from a better source

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Interesting find !

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Went ahead and ordered the DVD, will report back when it arrives probably sometime next week

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Re: French tape. Wouldn’t that be SECAM, instead of PAL? SECAM plays b/w on a PAL player.

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Yep it is SECAM, Ennioo pointed this out to me as was going to help transfer the tape but neither of us have a secam vcr.

Contacted some local video shops and so far no one can do SECAM. They didn’t even know what I was talking about :o

I may go ahead and get the tape and save it till I can buy a multisystem vcr as I would like to get one anyway

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Signed up for a mail-forwarding address with …seems to be a pretty cheap service which gives you a mailing address in Spain and will forward any packages to you. Placed my order for the Los Indomables VHS, hopefully the seller will process it ok.

While looking at some other tapes the seller offers, I noticed they also have El Tunco Maclovio, and that it has the same template for the VHS cover. Then I noticed these VHS tapes are from Divisa Home Video, the same company that released the DVD for El Tunco Maclovio in Spain. Now I am wondering if Los Indomables may have also received a Spain DVD release from this company.

Shame its so hard to find any information about these releases, not even anything on Divisa’s website… although I did notice they have recently released several spaggies on blu ray

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Well despite arranging a mailing address in Spain, seems the seller still doesnt want to sell to me as will not give me the needed info to arrange wire transfer even though its the only payment type they will accept…

A shame as i liked this one a good bit and already have subtitle timings prepared

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Received the Mexican DVD for The Hanging Judge and am happy to report a nice sharp picture which is a good improvement over the VHS recording

Its a very small sized DVD at 2.9GB and has some compression issues, and this DVD is in fact also transferred from a VHS source - possibly the same VHS release as it is preceded by the same logo at the start. I know this is a VHS source because it even includes the copyright warning referring to “this videocassette”

In any case, the picture is a good amount better, so I will add the English subtitles to this and have it ready soon

Full screenshot comparison album:

Some select screens:

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Yes an improvement for sure. Look forward to giving this one a view again.

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Ok, I’ve prepared a x264 MKV rip of The Hanging Judge which is ready to go.

I also prepared a DVDR but upon testing playback, I notice that the video is terribly jerky… unwatchable for me. Checked the original DVD and it has the same terrible choppiness. Checked the x264 rip and it does not have this jerky motion. So I am thinking the DVD must have a wrong field order set or its something…

So I changed the field order on the DVD and now it plays fine. Wow, this is obviously a really shoddy not legal DVD release, but I still can’t believe that someone paid for packaged, pressed DVDs to sell while making this mistake… the original DVD is literally unwatchable.

So now I have a 2.8gb DVDR and a 1.6gb x264 rip of this transfer with English subtitles. Both will be up on CG or PM me for a private torrent link

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Good that you were able to sort the dvd out. Yes amazes me what they sell these days re quality wise !

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Also managed to come to a deal with that seller in Spain by emailing him an offer for a handful of euros, so hopefully will soon have the Los Indomables VHS in my possession 8)

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Here is a magnet link for the The Hanging Judge DVDR, if anyone wants it (spanish language, english subs, NTSC):


This one may be deleted sometime soon.

Received shipping confirmation from the seller a few days ago regarding the Los Indomables, so we will see

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[quote=“autephex, post:11, topic:3421”]There is another one over at CG under the title, Taste of the Savage

Video quality doesn’t look so great, but looks to be a rare English dubbed VHS

Eye for an Eye (1971)
“El sabor de la venganza” (original title)

Starring Cameron Mitchell[/quote]

Just finished this and wow, really impressive western from Mariscal. During the first half hour I thought this was going to be a more run of the mill western with a few nice shoot outs, but after 40min it just progressively gets darker and more violent. The quick-draw scenes are excellent with one being the best I’ve seen in a while. Soundtrack is great at times but hard to hear very well. This transfer has all sorts of issues, frames becoming messed up with very distorted audio and the cropping is a very bad pan & scan job - at times there are scenes where you cannot see anyone talking, just the wall in between them or something hahah. I’m still glad its available in some format, an English dub even which is pretty rare for Mariscal titles.

May have to really consider getting that French VHS on the chance of an improvement, this really is a good one

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After some digging around on different release information for Eye for an Eye / Taste of the Savage / Vengeance / El sabor de la venganza, I have found and placed an order for this DVD:

Took quite a big of searching to find out about this DVD. In usual fashion, there is barely any info about it out there. It was released by California publisher Laguna Films in 2006. Laguna also release a VHS in 2000, which I almost purchased prior to finding this DVD:

I’m assuming the DVD is probably the same video as the VHS… DVD is Spanish audio only and lists a runtime of 99 min. I don’t think that time is accurate though.

Mexico based company Videomax also released a DVD in 2005, but I cannot find that one anywhere and even less information about it. But this DVD lists runtime of 84 min.

The Taste of the Savage VHS runs at 81min, so maybe will be a little extra footage on the DVD.

No one is selling the Laguna DVD on ebay but when searching for the disc, there is one product review and the user had this to say:

Movie cover sucks big time, its like a deceiving practice by Laguna film or they just hired a retarded publisher to create such cover, DVDs full of advertisement too and role given to Mario Almada and Rogelio Guerra in this movie was poor!

I agree about the terrible cover, not only is it an awful design, it doesn’t even list Mariscal or Cameron Mitchell. All the people selling the DVD provide no information about the film, not even the year it was made or anything. It would have been really hard to find if I hadn’t looked through the website for different releases.

Also this ebayer says something about the “DVDs full of advertisement” and I’m not sure if he’s referring to stuff at the beginning, or if this is maybe a TV recording and they didn’t remove the commercials… This would explain the 99min runtime if so.

Anyway, will soon see and hopefully another upgrade on the way - without even having to get that French tape!

Here’s another VHS I found while looking. This one is from Spain and has a pretty cool cover, unfortunately cannot find any larger images:

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Received the DVD for Eye for an Eye / Taste of the Savage / Vengeance / El sabor de la venganza

This DVD is a bit of a mixed bag in comparison to the English VHS. While the picture is much clearer, the colors are either faded or else the timing was very different between the two transfers, or it could also have something to do with the settings used for the VHS -> digital transfers.

Although both are fullscreen, they appear to have very different crops which vary quite a bit at different scenes. I’m assuming this is because they were cropped from the original widescreen or open matte source, and at least the English VHS is pan & scanned as well (not sure if the DVD is pan & scan as I haven’t yet watched it).

Screenshot comparison album:

Most of the screenshots I’ve taken show a bit more image on the VHS, but if you look at this one for example, the entire barrel shows on the VHS while the DVD shows the entire dude (except the top of his hat):

Picture comparisons aside, the DVD has a slightly longer runtime.

VHS: 1hr 21min 30sec
DVD: 1hr 25min 52sec

Both are NTSC 29.970 fps, so there is a difference of about 4.5 minutes in this DVD version. I’m not sure if there are any substantial scene differences, or if its just a bunch of minor cuts - will have to examine further to find out.

In regards to the comment above about advertisements on the DVD, there are several ads after the movie is finished, so this accounts for the listed 99min runtime but luckily they are not in the actual film. (These are ads by the DVD company, not TV commercials or anything)

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Also received this today ;D


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Poster for obscure Stiglitz western :D.

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Thanks Farmer, just actually came across that same poster yesterday in my extended searching for Mariscal titles.

Its actually a poster for Uno para la horca (1974), also staring Hugo Stiglitz in what appears to be a similar role? I don’t know because its almost impossible to find anything about this film… which sucks because I really want to see it :stuck_out_tongue:

In my searches I have found only 2 VHS releases, one in Mexico (Mexcinema Video, 1986) and one in Spain, also by Divisa (1998):

There is a seller, again on that todocoleccion site, with this VHS for only 1.50 EUR. But the sellers on this site only seem to accept wire transfers which is a huge hassle and quite expensive in the US for international transfers (typically a minimum of a $50 fee, plus legal requirements due to ridiculous American anti-terrorism laws).

I also found this DVD which includes Los Indomables, but it is very rare now and the couple of jerk sellers who have it want $100 or more (it originally sold for $5 in 2004). Both titles are certainly taken from VHS with questionable quality. If I hadn’t already bought the Los Inomables VHS, I would seriously consider buying it as both films are very hard to find and Uno para la horca seeming almost impossible:

Lastly, there is also this DVD which includes The Hanging Judge, but I can’t find any copies for sell, and any information at all aside from this front cover image which doesn’t include any identifying information:

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I don’t suppose anyone would have any idea on the possible quality of that French VHS for “Vengeance” ? Maybe anyone is familiar with this releasing company ABC Productions and their typical release quality?

Still considering buying the tape because I’m not totally satisfied with this dvd in comparison to the copy already had… but its a pricey tape so would be disappointed if it turned out not any better. Suppose would give me a reason to go ahead with a multi-system VCR purchase :stuck_out_tongue: