The Warrior's Way(2010) Cowboys vs. Ninjas!

Just saw the trailer for this movie on youtube. It looks rather interesting. I will go check it out when it comes to the theater. I put the link below.

I had heard about this movie. It looks all style and no substance, but I’ll watch it anyway.

I really don’t like how the movie looks, it all looks so fake.

I completely agree. Seems to be the big thing right now, with absolutely everything done on a blue screen and rendered later with CGI. I think 300 has quite a bit to answer for, and I noticed Zack Snyder is doing another film called Sucker Punch with the same kind of fake CGI look to half the scenes:

Yeah, and I honestly can’t see why people like this (although for 300 I remember thinking it kind of worked, but it’s been a while), I often pointed out to some of my friend how ugly the CGI was in certain movies and each time they replied that they didn’t notice. I almost find that hard to believe, it’s just so in-your-face!

Thanks for the Sucker Punch trailer, now I know I’m not going to go see this one in the theater! :wink:

Same here. I’ll go see it but I’m not expecting it to blow my mind or anything.

Yeah, it looks a bit corny in parts. But alas I will still spend my money to see it. Even if it sucks. ::slight_smile:

[quote=“Hoover Valentine, post:1, topic:2544”]Just saw the trailer for this movie on youtube. It looks rather interesting. I will go check it out when it comes to the theater. I put the link below.[/quote]I wanna see it, Ti Lung’s in it.

Geoffrey Rush might be the best thing in it.

Why didn’t they call it “Cowboys vs. Ninjas”… instead of the boring title “The Warrior’s Way”.

I’m hopeing this is going to be one of those movies, like Shoot Em Up for example, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. One that uses the goofy shit to their advantage. Also I think they might have decided on the title so not to confuse people with the Harrison Ford “Cowboy Vs. Aliens” movie that’s coming out next year.

I wonder if Ti Lung has any fight scenes? That would be cool! There appears to be a love story in the mix also to make it even worse…Looks like CGI is here to stay :frowning: Good thing I have a lot of old (pre CGI) SWs, KFs and horror to watch.

My friend’s cousin does CGI for films and worked on the Clash Of The Titans remake, amongst others. He said a lot of directors will film things, know they have made mistakes or the look of a shot isn’t quite right, but take the attitude that it can be fixed with CGI later. In many modern films they’ll just move an object if it’s in the wrong place, or darken a certain part of the room, whatever’s needed. Personally, it just bugs the hell out of me that filmmakers can be so lazy.

Wow, you’re right, that is lazy.

sort of simular but you can watch the movie online…

this movie looks frightening

Stumbled on this movie recently. Sort of east-meets-west sw modern update that tries to be stylish and tongue-in-cheek. Not terrible, but not really fun either. I guess it was experiment in “can a western be shot without the use of a real landscape and with cgi overload?” (and the answer is, hell no, don’t ever try that again). Not sure what Geoffrey Rush is doing in this movie either.

I didn’t care for the movie myself. I thought Ti Lung’s role was a total waste.