The Ward

John Carpenter’s first proper film in ten years is The Ward, starring everybody’s favourite lesbian, Amber Heard. I was talking to a friend recently about Carpenter and we agreed he has to be one of the most gifted filmmakers not to have received full-on critical acclaim outside of film geek circles. He’s made some bad films as well, but when you consider the quality of his output and how much involvement he has as a director, it’s sort of infuriating that he doesn’t get more acknowledgement.

Anyway, I’m curious to see whether The Ward will be better than Shutter Island. I’m willing to bet I will enjoy it a bit more at least.


About time, I am in a bit of state of shock.

As far as I’m concerned, John Carpenter is a master (and not just of horror) filmmaker. Scorsese got me interested in movies, but Carpenter made me a fan, without him my adventure through the world of cinema would have been very different. Here’s hoping for a successful comeback and for The Ward to make it to the movie theaters in Québec (what kind of release will it get?).

I’m kind of surprised and happy at the same time; I’ve never heard of this before. When’s it due for release?

Hope it isn’t a shitty limited release or straight to video, worse yet. Monte Hellman’s recent Road to Nowhere is getting this treatment so far.

Monte Hellman’s had a new film out!?! God, I am really behind the times.

It;s the type of film you would only find if you were looking for it.

It doesn’t have a US distributor yet, but it’s due for release in the UK on 21 January 2011.

I would be surprised if it is straight to DVD, since Amber Heard is quite a well known actress. The reviews so far are fairly positive as well.

So sad how quality film directors like Carpenter and Romero get limited releases on their movies. I would love to see this one from Carpenter.

Judging from the activity on its IMDb board and its trailer getting onto the home page, I don’t think it’s going to go the way Monte Hellman’s last movie did.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia (not the most relibable of sources, true), Road to Nowhere will appear at the Venice Film Festival, so there’s hope for it yet.