The Walking Dead

What did fans think of last night’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD?

After a few misfires, I thought the episode was fantastic. It’s the reason I keep watching this flawed show. When it hits, boy it does so with an impact.

This was what, episode 14?

I thought the one major event was excellent and unexpected, but the rest of the show was a bit of a bore and felt like it wasn’t adding much.

I get that impression a lot lately - they fill an entire episode with stuff that shouldn’t take an entire show, and then throw in one bit to distract from the filler

haha… yeah…

I wouldn’t necessarily say its every episode, but I am definitely getting that impression more often

Its almost like they want to stretch the shows out so they can continue the series as long as possible

I posted it because it’s very funny, I especially like the Holy Shit part, but actually it is not really true. There are not that much “stupid things”, the introduction was only 3 or 4 times (in 34 episodes) set in the past, there is always something happening, I never ask me if I should go on as there is no doubt.

I watched a few weeks ago the 3rd season, and it is still a pretty good series with some of the usual flaws of these high class series. It was overlong with now 15 episodes, but it was nonetheless so absorbing that I watched it damn quick. On Sunday alone 8 or 9 episodes instead of the more important things I had to do. And I wished I could go on immediately with the next season. And still not even the best series, nor one of the 5 best.

And it is, and that is a real plus, a daring social study of how insecure the average Zombie life is with no health insurance, no working rental system, no chance of permanent catering, and that all in a generally dismissive social environment. Makes me really glad not to be Zombie myself, even if regional codes are then of a lesser importance, and they are generally not threatened by any kind of stress, as they have a perfect inner balance without losing time with meditation.

Whatever, The Walking Dead is so totally entertaining that I suddenly got a flash of enlightenment, and I thought, boy, it must be art …

My brother is watching the series. While he was ill about a week ago, he rarely left his bed and all he did was watching the thing. Never been particularly interested in any kind of series, perhaps one day, who knows…

You can… torrents :wink: Its the only worthwhile way to view anything from TV these days, cause I’m not going to watch half an hours worth of advertisements…

Ah, sounds just like home!

Stanton: Muhwahaha! That’s exactly how I feel.

What did you fine folks think of last night’s episode?

Only just (re)started watching this show; rewatched the short first season for the first time since it aired back in, what, 2010? And now we’re three episodes into season two, which I’ve never seen before. Gripping stuff, but pretty grim. As a man with a young wife and ten year-old boy myself, I’m finding that it gives me that somewhat distressed feeling. Can’t look away, though.

A bit made me laugh in S2Ep2 though. Daryl was rooting through a bag of drugs (“Merle’s stash”), and in the bottom of the bag was Walter White’s blue meth! ;D Nice little nod to AMC’s other shining light there.