The Three Musketeers of the West / Tutti per uno, botte per tutti (Bruno Corbucci, 1973)

This is one of Bruno Corbucci’s comedy westerns. It also, (for the boys) has a reputation for having a full frontaal nude scene. Although it looks really stupid, it looks alsoentertaining. Dorado films is working on a DVD of this one and the trailer and a film clip can be viewed there. The clip is a scene of George Eastman showing off his card shuffling skills. Also, interesting sounding music. Directed by Bruno Corbucci. Starring George Eastman, Giancarle Prete, Eduardo Fajardo, Karin Schubert, Cris Huerta, and Leo Anchoriz.

One word for this one…Shit!

Nicely put sir!
I’ll give it a swerve.

Trailer looks terrible. But if the guys at the Dorado films are crazy enough to release this then I’m crazy enough to buy it.

There hasn’t been much talk here about other SWs from Dorado Films I think?

Are they any good and how is the DVD quality?

[quote=“Lindberg, post:5, topic:1296”]There hasn’t been much talk here about other SWs from Dorado Films I think?

Are they any good and how is the DVD quality?[/quote]The films so far has been quite bad. Now They Call Him Sacramento is typical slapstick comedy. The Man From Oklahoma and Last Gun are early sw’s in american style. Quality of the dvd’s has been quite good though.

I do not think their releases so far will be making many people’s top twenties.

This film is not soooo bad. I kinda liked it to my own surprise, but I don’t remember why.

Is it silly? Oh yes, it is, but in an amusing way.

Let’s say 4/10 (without any guarantee)

Bruno Corbucci is much better than Sergio Corbucci :smiley:

He he, but he had some talent, as Spara, gringo, spara beautiful demonstrates.
He should have sticked to action films instead of doing all this (lousy?) comedies.

At least 3 Musketeers was better than The White, the Yellow, the Black.
And better than Massacre at Grand Canyon.
And not much worser than Sonny and Jed.

The movie starts in Cheese Valley and that pretty much sais it all… Three Musketeers of the West is a really cheesy experience :-X. Well, the cast is not bad and Karin Schubert has a nude scene :slight_smile: ! The rest is boring and mostly not funny. I’ve seen far worse though !

I just watched the Dorado release I just got, I’ll be putting up a revieww here shortly. You’re all pretty dead on about it.

that movie was horrible. but the dorado films dvd is really good :slight_smile:

That’s what I noticed, too. Dorado did an incredible job on this film. I hope that they realize that the majority of fans aren’t clamoring for bottom of the barrel comedy shit and they decide to start releasing some better spags.

All opinion I know, but I think Dorado Films have not released a really outstanding western as of yet.

machine gun killers should be on the way though

I watched the Dorado release of this movie some weeks ago… It was an OK movie but not among the top even within it’s subgenre of slapstick spaghetti westerns.

I did notice though that the picture itself was slightly squashed resulting in an elongated picture. Anyone else notice this? And yes I DID remember to put my TV in 16:9 mode so no human error there :slight_smile:

Yes I did notice this aswell.

Oh thanks, then it wasn’t just my head playing tricks again :slight_smile:

It seems odd that Dorado wouldn’t catch such an obvious error before releasing the movie. I mean it isn’t off by much but enough so that I noticed it instantly.

The error can of course be fixed easily if you watch your movies on a computer (screen) but I tend to watch them on a regular TV…

Maybe they are to lazy :wink: .