The Texican (Lesley Selander, 1966)

“The Texican” stars Audie Murphy and Broderick Crawford…I just watched this movie last night…thought I would post about it and see if anyone else has seen it…for those that havent, this film is a strange hybrid of american and italian western, the music is absolutely astounding and plot is interesting to say the least. Audie Murphy is a bushwacked ex lawman hiding out in Mexico, after his newsman brother is killed he returns for revenge…fans of spaghetti’s should definetly check this film out…my only complaint is Audie Murphy, not trying to disrespect a war hero or anything but…he was way to clean cut for this film…its like they put Roy Rodgers in a Corbucci film

3.5 out of 5

Totally agree. The music sets the mood and then in rides Murphy with his usual wardrobe of checkered shirt, jeans and white hat. Much too clean for a Spaghetti western. Crawford plays a good villain and it’s an added touch to see Aldo Sambrell play his henchman. Good dtory and nice Spanish cast but after you watch it you’ll know why Audie only made one Spaghetti western.

Yes, the mix in this one isn’t quite right. The score and the look is good but Audie doesn’t fit and the story becomes a little cliched. Passes the time well enough but not a film I would recommend to most spaghetti fans. Aldo Sambrell was the stand out for me.

Just watched this film.

Audie Murphy is not a problem for me. Perhaps his wardrobe is. The plot is nothing special, but it works well enough. The film has some nice touches which are, apart from Broderick Crawford, all European: Aldo Sambrell, Diana Loris, Luz Marquez and Nico Fidenco’s fine score. 6/10

Wow what a big guy Crawford is. Get over Murphy and his naive style outfit and you have a not bad slow burner type western. Nothing great, but not utter crap. Amazes me how many towns folk espect Murphy to be the same as his brother. The score is top notch, but I like alot of Nico Fidenco scores.

This movie is bad ass for Audie flick

This wasn’t too bad but it could have been a lot better. The film needed more action.

It’s been years since I saw film.

First impressions, a cracking, feel-good Western - the addition of Audie Murphy was not a problem for me, and neither was the story-line.
I loved it, for what it was…