The Tall Women / Frauen, die durch die Hölle gehen (Rudolf Zehetgruber, 1966)

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Just watched a fan dub of this using a Spanish print taken from TV. Nice picture quality despite being full screen. I suspect from the look of it it was shot open matte anyway. Nice to finally see it but it is a poor film in general. Has the look, feel and sound of a TV movie most of the time if you know what I mean. Poor dialogue and jumpy editing doesn’t help it either. The 7 female protagonists is a nice idea but sadly wasted here.,_die_durch_die_Hölle_gehen

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Nothing special for me either.

It seems that all versions are fullscreen. Also the new German DVD.

The data base says Techniscope (and Eastmancolor), but I think that is not correct. Phil, could you check the credits if they contain any information about widescreen or color format?


Viewed a while back, but the fandub is the next western I have to watch. No mention on the credits of Techniscope or Eastmancolor.

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Maybe I’ll watch a Sylvia Kristel vehicle instead …

What does she drive ;D

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The Band Wagon (we all wanted to jump on her when she was young)

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Maybe incorrectly, the Italian posters say the film was shot in Totalscope. Spanish and American posters indicate only Eastmancolor as color format.

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But if it is Totalscope, that means 2,35:1, I wonder why all fulscreen versions look like open matte. Puzzzling …

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Checked and, as Ennioo says, no mention of Techniscope on the credits.

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Average one, but the premise of mainly women in the lead roles kept me watching. Film is about 20 mins overlong, and yet another early one that features Indians.

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Any copies available in English?