The SW headcanon thread

Okay, folks! Let’s share our headcanons here. :smile:

Definition of the word headcanon for those who need it: “Headcanon is a word used in film/television/comics/etc. fandom that refers to something a fan imagines about the characters (such as a scenario or relationship) but that doesn’t appear on screen/on the page.” (source: Merriam-Webster)

Here are some of my SW headcanons:

Garringo: Why is Garringo in jail in the beginning of the film? My hc is that he got into an argument with a corrupt politician/army officer/sheriff etc. and beat him up.

Day of Anger: Scott Mary’s age isn’t revealed, but I can’t help but think that he’s a teen, maybe a 16-year-old. Scott has been through a lot, but still has that childlike curiosity, will to learn and even playfulness in him.

Arizona Colt and A Pistol for Ringo: I like to think that Arizona Colt and Ringo are the same guy. Arizona Colt had some character development and eventually became Ringo. He’s still cocky and greedy, but not as much as before.
My headcanon started from the line “And the woman who was waiting for his return” in the Angel Face song. Who is waiting for Ringo’s return? Definitely not Ruby because he didn’t like Ringo that much and is getting married to the sheriff anyway. Could it be Jane from Arizona Colt? The man just rides away at the end of the film, and Jane stays in the town waiting for him to return.


Interesting @I_love_Cat_Stevens, headcanon sounds quite a bit like backstory actually, though I’m sure there’s a difference.

As to Garringo, it is hinted at by his superior officers and a few of his colleagues that he’s something of a loose cannon and hothead who plays by his own set of rules, so I imagine his being locked up was for either disobeying orders or getting into a fight.

Had Lou Castel been casted as Scott Mary in Day of Anger, that theory of him being a teenager to 18 would make perfect sense as Castel had very boyish features even when he was 30

Arizona Colt and A Pistol for Ringo has enough info to work I believe, a very interesting what if type of scenario there.

I don’t normally do headcanons myself, but I do like to speculate on certain things in films, like if Clint Eastwood really was playing the same guy in The Dollars Trilogy and just going by different names, or if they were all separate unconnected characters who just shared some similar traits.

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This is definitely an interesting thing to ponder about. I like to think that it’s the same character, but maybe in alternate universes


If I remember correctly, Garringo was in jail because he was supposed to bring a wanted man back alive, but brought him back dead.


Saw the French version of the film so tough to remember, but I like this version the best.

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That sounds like something Garringo would do :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’ve seen the English and Spanish versions, but don’t remember the reason being revealed. I think I’ll watch some other language dubs and see what I’ll find

I agree, The Man with No Name is obviously the same person in all three films, but each film is a different take on the character.

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I believe it’s discussed when Garringo is brought before the Colonel at the military prison.

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