The Specialists / Gli specialisti (Sergio Corbucci, 1969)

(Rififii) #141

Is the fandub were talking bout here use a SPO rip for the video, I was under the impression that it used video from the Italian/French DVD…

(autephex) #142

it does not specify the source and either way, i prefer the full DVD to an AVI… i always assumed the source was the previous fansubbed version which used the SPO release

(I...I...Idiot) #143

Yes, it’s missing many parts in English. Why are a lot of these movies missing English audio in the beginning of the movie. Surely these parts aren’t edited out. Anyway, a tricky fandub of a great movie. Autephex, that is one fanddub upgrade I would look forward to! :wink: I’d be [size=2]C[/size]ompletely [size=2]G[/size]assed to see it!

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Yes, that is undoubtedly the same one I mentioned earlier in this thread. Do you happen to know who was responsible for that one? I really have no idea, because, as I said in my previous post, I received the copy I have in a trade and have no idea about its origin. Whoever was responsible did a very decent job.
And, yes, the video base used for the SUBTITLED fan project was the SPO version.
I had no idea about an English dubbed fan project. It is my understanding that there are many portions of GLI SPECIALISTI that were never dubbed into English as these sequences were cut from “export” versions. I could most definitely be wrong, but that is what I seem to recall reading many years back. And if that is, indeed, the case…then any English dubbed fan project is bound to have gaps.

(Stanton) #145

Cause they don’t have the German rights.

It was already released by Kinowelt from a French master with German and French audio.

(scherpschutter) #146

Here are a few screenshots of the French DVD
It runs 1:39:01
PAL/Anamorphic widescreen/French Audio, no subs


@ autophex

If you want to use it for a fandub, just PM me

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Xploited doesn’t seem to have it at all, I searched for Sergio Corbucci as the The Specialist gave a lot of results and Gli Specialisti didn’t give any at all. At least Cine City has a DVDr with Italian audio and English subs, seems ok.

(chuck connors brother) #148

Xploited arn’t getting anything new in stock (since late last year), just selling what they’ve got left.

(autephex) #149

yeah Xploited used to have it because I remember seeing the cover in stock. They don’t show titles on the site search that haven’t been in stock for a long time.

Wow, those screenshots look great scherp…

upon further review of the current fandub, the framerate is 29.970, which means its NTSC and therefor uses the SPO release as a source

Stanton… once again you’ve had the answer for something I’ve overlooked :wink: Completely forgot there was already a German disc

(Novecento) #150

So is the German disc identical to the French one in term of image and French audio?

(Stanton) #151

I think so. They licensed it from Canal +.

(El Topo) #152

Rennted a few years ago (in the 80’s) just to see a cowboy movie, I do remember finding quite odd that the film was spoken in French at the time not expecting that.
This is a Corbucci movie so it deserves a proper review. Choosing Johnny Holliday was somehow a odd choice for the main part but it worked out well in my view, he got the rusted raw (at least with the make-up) look those SW heroes need to have.
Not by the time I rent it, but in the sixties and seventies Holliday was quite popular in Portugal, due to the influence of French culture (before the Anglo-Saxon invasion, nobody spoke English back them), this was even bigger with all the emigrants we had in France and that during summer time brought a little bit of France with them for the holydays. Sure that JH didn’t fit in the revolutionary feeling that was usual in SW (he was no Volonte or Lou Castel that’s for sure) but the times were changing and I think Corbucci must have sense that
What we got here is the usual revenge plot but with some twists, and very well presented through the all film, Corbucci was a more classical filmmaker in the sense of the image itself, but was a very good one the cinematography is fantastic, the plot unfolds in a pretty nice manner the shot-outs are well done the head butting duel it’s innovative to say the least, the soundtrack it’s not a memorable one, but at least it’s well fitted with the film, the only strange thing, it’s the locations, sure you can find that landscape in the US (well similar at least) but not with Mexican bandidos on it, they never went that far North. I’m not an expert in US geography but I doubt it that in the Tex Mex border or near by we can found something similar to the Alps (North California Oregon maybe). Other thing was the medieval steel ring coat from Hud could be good against swords and arrows but I doubt it hat would stop a bullet from a 45, but Ok this is cinema (worst is putting a helicopter stuck to a train inside a tunnel). No complains about the cast the French actress are a nice change to the view, Mario Adorf excels as the maneta Mexican Bandido, Gastone Moschin also very well (I’ve seen those two together in another film recently).
The add of the hippie kids that take up in arms in the end, with a less hippie feeling, seem to me that was a demonstration from Corbucci that the times were changing that the Summer of Love and all the great ideals of peace love that came from it were ending, that a new more dark age was coming, more like an Altamont type of feeling.
I think the all film comes with the usual dark and pessimistic atmosphere normal in Corbucci SW. I’ve stayed with the impression of even a more subtle sadness that goes out through the all film, the loneliness of Sheba house, where the wind never stops to blow, the desperate yearning of the people when faced with the ultimate destruction of their money and end up naked, the way that Bud leaves in the end, in a very sad and poetic way.
Well I liked very much a fantastic and very well done SW

Corbucci’s SW always went well above the usual cynicism typical of most SW (good or bad), and the common parody of the American classical western, he was way above that creating is own type of western

Very good film, by chance it happens to be a SW

I’m a fan of course

(retask) #153

Hello my friends. Im looking for a cover of this, official or custom. Does anyone have what Im looking for? Would be really grateful.

(Silver) #154

I have the French MK2 cover plus a coupleof different customs. If you want to send me an email address by pm, i’d be happy to send one or all three :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #155

Shobary has a custom cover on his site

(furango) #156

Hi there, I’m pretty new to this forum but been reading posts here for many years, I have a question about this movie as it seems to have many different edits, I just bought the Medusa DVD from Italy and wanted to share som information about it, compared to the SPO and french release it seems more natural in colors (mybe abit bleek) the contrast is way better on this as you see in this screenshot (look at the sky and mountains and compare the screenshot with above from french release)

Also the running time is 1:38:45 in PAL, compared to SPO that is 1:38:56, but the SPO have end credits running in black for awhile where the Medusa have the credits rolling while Hud is riding to the sunset, also the medusa have a 10sec startcredit with some panorama over the mountains and text with “Un film di Sergio Curbucci” , all in all the medusa is 1min longer than the SPO til he is in the Sunset. Dunno about the different lenght with PAL and NTSC (SPO must have used a PAL master ? ) Mybe someone could shed some information about cuts between this and SPO and if french is exact the same as SPO with the credits ?

When I have more time I will watch them both myself now and see if there are any differents cuts as there are 1min more in medusa than SPO

(furango) #157

Well to answer my own question, one of them at least :slight_smile:

The Mudusa release have the long “burning the money scene” that is 1min longer than the SPO release, that is cool when you see the rich poeple crying over the money and the poor poeple laughing… better impact why Hud burn it :slight_smile:

About the audio there is a HUGE difference, I think SPO have many inserts with french audio where this is full Italian audio even where the SPO goes to french (wonder why SPO used that audio…hmmm) … And the sound have no background noise and hiss as the SPO relaease, very clean now (SPO must have used a VHS source for audio ?)

(scherpschutter) #158

Compared to the French disc, the Medusa disc seems to be filtered a bit more, but to be absolutely sure about this, I’d have to watch both discs on a TV.

Interesting that the money burning scene was cut on some discs. You wonder why they did this. I guess SPO used an incomplete Italian audio track because they couldn’t lay their hands on a complete one. I saw the film in cinema with an English language track long time ago, but today a complete English audiotrack seems untraceable.

(furango) #159

The Mudusa release is not from the same master as the french I think as the framing is abit different. It’s abit softer than the french compared to the screens, but also the french could have sharpening filter as there are some ghosting and the contrast is to high making it look sharper. When watching the Medusa disc it’s really great anyway and far better than the SPO of course. Screens as we know don’t justify some films (scherpschutter drop me a PM and you could have it for a review? )

(Provvidenza) #160

The French mk2 DVD arrived in the mail this morning, just ripped it to my hard drive and can confirm the films ending.
The horse is completely out of shot (but you can still see the rider) when screen cuts to black and the closing titles appear.
The French DVD film length of 1:39:01 would suggest it is longer than the stated 1:38:45 of the Italian Medusa disc.

Not sure that clears anything up but I’m happy with my purchase anyway :wink: