The Specialists / Gli specialisti (Sergio Corbucci, 1969)

(Sundance) #243

I hope you can play the 4K… I was just able to check the Blu-Ray and at least I can’t get English subs at all. Sorry. :disappointed:

(The Man With a Name) #244

So, no English subtitles even for the French?

(Mark) #245

So the 4K has English subs, the blu-ray does not. Interesting. Wouldn’t mind upgrading from the RL rip if that is confirmed.

(Søren) #246

Just another reason an upgrade should be considered. I’m going to pick up the UHD eventhough I don’t currently have the means to play it. Also started buying blu-rays before I had a player.

(Martin) #247

I’m no expert on fumetti, but here’s what I’ve been able to find out: According to Guida al fumetto italiano, 26 issues of Sartana (Charity John) were published from 1971 to 1974, later reprinted as collected editions under the title Super Sartana. Some material was even translated into French in 1973. More information on Italian (Spaghetti) Western comic books (and very nice images) can be found on Chico e i fumetti (in Italian). The cover paintings by P. Franco (Franco Picchioni) are great. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

(autephex) #248

Anyone know anything about the French blu ray releases? I know only the UHD disc has english subs but has anyone picked it up or seen anything about the quality?,_Gli/BluRay

The customer reviews on Amazon look pretty good…

(Martin) #249

The guys over at seem to like it.

(autephex) #250

Was thinking about trying to pick up a copy, but it seems that surely someone will be releasing this with English friendly options in the somewhat near future… with the amount of spaghs Arrow has been putting out, I’d think they’d be all over this one

(The Man With a Name) #251

I’m holding out until an English friendly release comes along. I actually have an original tape of this with the English dub but it’s cut.

(autephex) #252

possible influence?

(autephex) #253

Earlier this week I had uploaded some revised subtitles for the scenes missing English dialogue, although I don’t speak the other languages I still did a lot of revision to make the dialogue more clear and understandable in the context. Unfortunately I rushed it a bit and finalized before watching the film again, and missed a few opportunities for improvement.

When El Diablo is talking to Hud about “the dollar bill” I believe he should be saying that Hud’s brother was almost dead, and he only heard him say “Ave Maria” - which is why Hud was clued in to check the dollar bill at the time of the Ave Maria at the cemetery… the subs for this part up till now has El Diablo saying that he, El Diablo, could only say an Ave Maria, but I think it should be that he heard Hud’s brother say simply, “Ave Maria” and then died

Maybe I will go ahead and make a new .srt subtitle file with this and a few more corrections


Agreed, I’d love to see Arrow release this. As I’ve said several times before it’s not a film I’m particularly fond of but I always find myself watching it every now and again because I find it fascinating. I’d love it to be in English-friendly HD one day.

(autephex) #255

Although I’m not trying to say that I greatly improved the English subtitles that I edited a bit, I will say that just making them slightly better has improved my appreciation for the film. There are subtexts to everything which I never noticed before, and they are very Corbucci. It may just be the fact I was paying very close attention to these scenes for context where I wasn’t before.

I imagine that with a proper English translation, which is maybe included in the 4K UHD, it may open up a new view of the film, for English speakers anyway.