The Specialists / Gli specialisti (Sergio Corbucci, 1969)

No problem! I wish I could understand the video as I can’t speak French, but it’s always neat to see behind the scenes work of any film, especially one like Gli Specialisti!

I’ll see if I can find some time to make a translation

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If you did that I’d love you very much.

I’m back here again, and I thought you all would be interested by this… apparently after the time of Gli Specialisti’s release, a comic based on Hud was made in France, it was titled “Hud Le Specialiste”. It seems the comic ended abruptly after the creators were not paid, and it remains unfinished, but we at least have what remains of the comic, and in full HD!

Here’s the website with the full comic, everything is in French… but at least we have pretty pictures to look at!

What’s really nice is that they actually have Hallyday’s likeness in the comic, as well as his trademark trench coat and chainmail armor. It also seems to include Gastone Moschin’s sheriff character as well, or somebody like him at least?

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Thanks so much for sharing - again!

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Very nice! Drawn by Joseph Gillain (pen name Jijé), written by his son Philippe (pen name Philip or Philipp), Hud le spécialiste was published in six issues of the short-lived French magazine Johnny, le journal de l’âge d’or in 1970. The complete run, eleven pages, can also be viewed on, ten pages on

Original Hud-page, found on eBay, where it is currently on sale for €36,000:

Three years later, Jijé started work on a comics adaptation of Il mio nome è Nessuno, but the project was abandoned.

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The French 4K disc has English subtitles. Didn’t check the BD but I would think it’s the same. Apparently the subs might force you to watch the film in French in regular players but I don’t know about that.

Maybe uncut? At least had the shots of the townspeople from JonathanCorbett’s post.

Might have done some unnecessary filtering but it looks pretty good I guess.

No HDR… I think. size 14MB


Super cool to know about all of this! That My Name Is Nobody comic looks awesome and it’s a shame he never completed it. Honestly it plain sucks that we never got any other comics of our favorite characters either. I think there was one comic series called Charity John? Or Super Sartana? It was something like that. I don’t know too much about it other than P. Franco did some of the art for the covers.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to get this. I think I just might pick it up now since it’s english friendly.

Who could we get to confirm this?

I read about it here I don’t know if he has the disc or not.

I can only play it through my computer where I can change the tracks and subs the way I want, so that is why I unfortunately can’t confirm if the English subs only work on the French track on regular players.

Just bought it, thanks for the info. Perhaps I’ll finally get something out of this film.

I hope you can play the 4K… I was just able to check the Blu-Ray and at least I can’t get English subs at all. Sorry. :disappointed:

So, no English subtitles even for the French?

So the 4K has English subs, the blu-ray does not. Interesting. Wouldn’t mind upgrading from the RL rip if that is confirmed.

Just another reason an upgrade should be considered. I’m going to pick up the UHD eventhough I don’t currently have the means to play it. Also started buying blu-rays before I had a player.

I’m no expert on fumetti, but here’s what I’ve been able to find out: According to Guida al fumetto italiano, 26 issues of Sartana (Charity John) were published from 1971 to 1974, later reprinted as collected editions under the title Super Sartana. Some material was even translated into French in 1973. More information on Italian (Spaghetti) Western comic books (and very nice images) can be found on Chico e i fumetti (in Italian). The cover paintings by P. Franco (Franco Picchioni) are great. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

Anyone know anything about the French blu ray releases? I know only the UHD disc has english subs but has anyone picked it up or seen anything about the quality?,_Gli/BluRay

The customer reviews on Amazon look pretty good…

The guys over at seem to like it.

Was thinking about trying to pick up a copy, but it seems that surely someone will be releasing this with English friendly options in the somewhat near future… with the amount of spaghs Arrow has been putting out, I’d think they’d be all over this one

I’m holding out until an English friendly release comes along. I actually have an original tape of this with the English dub but it’s cut.