The Spaghetti Western Orchestra on tour!

Holeee sheee-it, has anyone seen these guys yet? I was watching some of their videos at their site, amazing stuff. They’re actually coming to my area in October. I’m definitely going.

More info can be found at[/url]




Café de La Danse Theatre. 5 passage Louis Philippe, Paris, 75011

Tues 16 8pm
Wed 17 8pm
Thurs 18 8pm
Fri 19 8pm
Sat 20 4pm and 8pm
Sun 21 7.30pm

Tues 23 8pm
Wed 24 8pm
Thurs 25 8pm
Fri 26 8pm
Sat 27 4pm and 8pm
Sun 28 7.30pm

Tues 30 8pm
Wed 1 8pm
Thurs 2 8pm
Fri 3 8pm
Sat 4 4pm and 8pm
Sun 5 7.30pm

Tues 7 8pm
Wed 8 8pm
Thurs 9 8pm
Fri 10 8pm
Sat 11 4pm and 8pm


at Harbourfront Centre


Fri 17 8pm
Sat 18 8pm
Sun 19 8pm


Fri 24 New Brunswick New State Theatre NY

Sat 25 Schenectady Proctors Theatre NY

Mon 27 Burlington VT Flynn Theatre

Tue 28 Lebanon Dartmouth College NH

Fri 31 Overland Park Carlsen Centre KS


Thurs 6 Wickenberg AZ Webb Centre

Fri 7 and Sat 8 Scottsdale AZ Center for the Arts

Mon 10 Tyler Cowan Center Texas

Tue 11 College Station A & M University Texas [url=]www.mscopas.org

Oh my… they are fantastic lordradish. Want a super find of yours!
I hope that they come to the UK at some point in the future. Please God!

Awesome…what a great concept…

My… God. They were incredible. Best show I’ve seen in years, and I would’ve thought that even if I wasn’t into SW’s. The even did the “bunch of evil guys with bad teeth standing around laughing maniacally” thing that we know so well.

I saw them on the 28th last month. They were so great! I scored the CD, I should have got 2.
I stole a poster in town the night of the preformance from a local grocery store, and got them all to sigh it. We got to talk with them after the show. What a great bunch of down to earth guys. Do not pass this up if they are in your area. I hope they will return next year.
What A show. They had everyone singing the parts to The Good The Bad And The Ugly.
Wa Wa Waaaaaa!

I wanted to get the CD at the show but didn’t have the cash with me. Unfortunately, it’s not available anywhere else as of yet.

That’s cool :smiley:

You should contact them and see if they would do a group buy for interested boad members. An other board I’m on does just that. They do a post to see how many members want one, then the board does an order for a one shot buy.
Just my 2c.

I just checked the sight again tonight. The CD is for sale on line!!!
Dig out them cards boys, you don’t want to miss this one.

This boy’ll be “scoring” one - from what I’ve seen (on youtube) and heard - well worth a fix!
Thanks for the info.

The Spaghetti Western Orchestra are doing two nights at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank in London October 7th and 8th.

Prices are £15 - £22.50

Here’s the link to the Southbank website page for those UK based forumites who are interested.

Looks like they are also doing 2 nights in Brighton and are in Holland and Belgium before that.
Here’s the tour page on their site.

I’ll see if I have a few pennies floating around.

For those who can access the BBC, The Spaghetti Western Orchestra are featured on Later With Jools Holland tonight. 23.35pm UK time.

Went to see them in London on Thursday - absolutely fantastic evening. I sat there for 90 minutes with a big smile all over my face.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see The Maestro himself performing some of his works with full orchestra and chorus … but somehow five blokes from Australia managed to get closer to capturing the spirit of the films! It’s a very funny show, with lots of self-aware posturing, but what comes over clearly is how much they love and respect the music of Morricone, and the way they improvise some of the classic tracks is breathtaking.

High points included Man with a Harmonica, A Gringo Like Me, For a Few Dollars More, Sixty Seconds to What?, The Ecstasy of Gold (Can you imagine five blokes recreating The Ecstasy of Gold? It works superbly), and the Wild Bunch theme from My Name is Nobody, not to mention getting the audience to sing along to the surrealist lyrics of Death Rides a Horse, and scream along to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

And of course, it was great to watch them in a sold-out venue that gave them a standing ovation, proving once again the timeless appeal of Morricone’s great music.

yeah i was at the london gig on thursday also, awesome evening. great song choices and such versatile musicians. highly recommended. even my girlfriend enjoyed it and she hates spaghetti westerns!

Just spotted a post on The Spaghetti Western Board by Hired Peon, so my thanks to him.

This is Maurizio Graf singing a rather well known Spaghetti song with the The Spaghetti Western Orchestra:

My wife got me tickets to see these guys on the 26th!

Can’t wait! 8)

Hi all salooners,

Yesterday I went to see the spaghetti western orchestra in the lovely city of Amsterdam at the Royal Theatre Carre. It was a matinee performance and it was great! Not a sell out, but the show wasn any less for it! A perfect mix of morricone’s greatest tunes, with some great in-between comedy. I would highly recommend this show to any SW-fan or film music fan. Me and my wife had a very good time.

Angel Eyes

I saw them back in Fenruary when they played Leeds Town Hall in England. They were magnificent, helped by the fact that the venue has a huge pipe organ. The orchestra actually sounded rather better than on their CD - somehow they are managing a fuller, more orchestral sound with less sythesisers.