The Spaghetti Western Generator

(Half Soldier) #1

Well, I’ve added a load more possible titles to the Spaghetti Western Generator in the “Fun” section at ;D

(Sebastian) #2

that’s so cool… so try to find

“A noose for the ruthless”, from 1968, directed by Maurizio Ludici starring Al Muluck, Loredana Nusciak and Piero Lulli.

(Half Soldier) #3

When I first made it, “Rita Rides the MacGregors” was one of the first that came up - which has the sound of a SW porn film!!!

(Sebastian) #4

haha, that’s hilarious

(Bill san Antonio) #5

“Johnny Ringo for Ringo” starring Mark Damon. These are funny!!


HaHa… Awesome!!!

(Lode) #7

“The Taste rides Holy Ghost” (1968/Tessari)? Jesus Christ, whats going on?

But I think it is a nice idea… ;D

(volonte) #8

“The Taste Shoots Bullets”. Cesare Canevari 1968. Jason Robards, Mario Novelli, Anjanette Comer.


(Keoma) #9

“The Good Pray For The Ugly Ones”, 1965, by Florestana Vancini starring Alfredo Rizzo, Herbert Fux, Antonio Pieto…
…although I haven’t seen Herbert Fux in a western film yet, he would be perfect for “the ugly one” I think, haha…

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10


Directed by

Mario Caiano


Venantino Venantini
George Hilton
Antonio Sabato

Sounds quite violent!

(Pacificador) #11

“A Bullet Rides the Seven” (1974)

Directed by Giulio Petroni

Antonio Sabato
John Phillip Law
Jason Robards

Funny stuff!!! :smiley:

(Raph_Alv) #12


“Massacre shoots The West” (1972) starring Terence Hill, Jolanda Modio and Jack Palance.
Dir: Cesari Canevari
Sounds great !!! Good anti-hero and Villian

(Phil H) #13

Forgive me if you’ve done these to death but I’ve only just discovered them and this is what I got.

Captain Apache Vs Mannaja

Directed by Sergio Corbucci

Starring Ringo Starr, Henry Fonda and Tomas Milian

Now that’s a film I want to see!

(Bill san Antonio) #14

Well yes, maybe this starts to become old joke already but what the heck. This is the funniest I’ve got so far:

“Seven hours without the west” directed by Duccio Tessari. Sounds like the longest art-house film ever. :smiley:

(Silver) #15

Since i’ve only just noticed this, and it’s a quiet night, i got;

“Two Sons Of Sacramento” (1969), directed by Enzo Castellari and starring Antonio De Teffe, Ray Lovelock and William Berger! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sebastian) #16

“Dead men pray for the badmen” directed by antonio Margheriti. must be one badass sinister flick

(Bad Lieutenant) #17

Poker for the Condemned (1973/ Cesare Canevari) starring Jason Robards, George Hilton and Burt Reynolds.

(Sebastian) #18

burt reynolds. hahaha
i love this generator.

still like “my” random title best

(Søren) #19

Two Sons Called Death (1965/Jose Antonio de la Loma) starring Joseph Cotten, Steffen Zacharias, Pietro Ceccarelli

Lousy parents not able to come up with two different names for their sons, oh well. One I want to watch!

(Silver) #20

I’d like to see that one myself!

Boring night tonight, so here goes;

“A Coffin Strikes Trinity” (1965/Carlo Lizzani), starring Federico Boido, Luis Rodriguez and Aldo Sambrell!