The Soap Opera Effect (Motion Smoothing)

Do you have this on when watching TV or Movies? I think it’s great for sports or documentarys but when it comes to movies it completely ruins the experience for me. I just had a glimpse at the Spaghs on Netflix on a TV where this setting is on (On a TV I normally don’t use), and I was just thinking “How can anyone watch a film like this?”

It makes these films look even cheaper then they already are!


It artificially inserts frames which were never meant to be there. The worst part is that the setting is on by default on some TV’s.
I remember even Tom Cruise told people to turn that shit off.


It was the default setting on every TV I own. The very first setting I “adjusted” was turning that crap off.

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all that stuff needs to be turned off or down. including “sharpening”, and all kinds of other shit. there is some tips and trick you can google. due to director pressue, some newer models now have “filmmaker mode”


The Sci Fi channel shows episodes of The Twilight Zone like this on their New Year’s Eve marathon, it’s super annoying. Makes the show look like a home movie.