The Sisters Brothers / Les Frères Sisters (Jacques Audiard, 2018)

Just created a page in the database for this eurowestern: The Sisters Brothers - The Spaghetti Western Database

I’ve seen the Trailer for this
Looks pretty good

I liked it quite a lot.
Apparently it bombed at the box office but I suspect it was probably one of those films that never got the number of screens it needed early on to really have a chance to make any money.

Did it even play in theaters?

A lot of movies have gone straight to Streaming cause most movie theaters are closed
None are open near me

Yes, it was released back in 2018 so before Covid shutdowns

Thought it was alright. Worth watching, but nothing revolutionary

What are some of your Favorite modern Westerns ?
Made 2010 till Now

Oh Thought it was new my mistake

Did not care much about the movie. Plot about the chemicals is just wrong.
But apart from that the movie is watchable and has a good cast.

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I watched it last night. A real snorefest. Nothing exceptional; just that we haven’t had a western in a while. Eloquent use of language by two dumb gunslingers comes straight out of True Grit, and it’s very talky. Briefest of glimpses of Almeria do not make this a Spaghetti western. Wet, sentimental ending. It tries to be realistic, but then our heroes never miss when shooting, and the bad guys couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a banjo.


4K announced from Arrow for UK, added to the database

Updated the film’s page in the database. Contributions much appreciated.