The Silent Stranger-Stranger in Japan

I have a lot of shots that I took while we were shooting Silent Stranger…here is one of the covered bath scene shots… we shot two versions, a European topless version and the covered with white cloth US version. It was an amazing experience… Japanese crew, Italian camera crew, Italian director (Vanzi), and Tony, Lloyd and I as the Americans… the translator’s had to speak Japanese, English and Italian…


Would you mind if I put these shots into our database?

Cool still 8) .

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How are the chances to see the long version of this film in the near future?

We are hoping you will get the original cut at some time… I tried to get the film from MGM in the 80’s but they wouldn’t let us buy it back. There is a chance that they may license it now…

Extra extra, read all about it:


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so, it´s up, thanks for the link, scherp and also for your assistance :wink: