The Silence of the Lambs vs. Seven

Of the two best crime thrillers of the 90s, which do you prefer?

IMO Silence of the Lambs is overrated, and so is the character of Hannibal Lecter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seven on the other hand has a much more interesting concept, you know someone is going to die but you don’t know how and when. IMO the “corpse jumping” is one of the most unexpcted moment in film history.

Hannibal Lecter is a great character from a great novel. The film is good too, maybe very good, but could be better.

Se7en is the best thriller of the 90s. A brilliant film.


It wasn’t the first novel, nor the first film about the subject, but most of us got familiar with this type of thriller (and murderer)

Both in print and on screen the subject became boring very soon
I don’t know how many crime writers came up with their own serial killer novel, and none of them was decent (even Harris’ sequels were poor); as far as the films are concerned: they were as poor as most novels. Maybe Copycat was the best of the lot. It wasn’t good, but at least it wasn’t pretentious and the actors did a proper job (they weren’t pretending to be in a Greek tragedy). The worst was probably the Manhunter remake with Neeson.

Hopefully we’re through with this nonsense

SE7EN is a great flick by a great director. Feeding someone to death is not the way to go. The ending was a bit over acted but then again, what could BP have done?

Agree…David Fincher just got better with the masterpiece Zodiac…

Watching it again as we speak

“Seven” for me and i agree " silence" is over rated.

I prefer Seven and yes, Silence of the Lambs is overrated. Michael Mann’s “Manhunter” is much better in my opinion [one of my fave movies by the way]

SEVEN for me :slight_smile:
But Silence of the Lambs is a very good one. I remember I watched it in cinema and thought that it was pretty scary. Watched it later on TV and found it a bit boring. IMO Silence was a very good movie for 1991 . SEVeN has still this brilliant thriller plot.