The Short and Happy Life of the Brothers Blue - DVD

I am currently on a Jack Palance kick, and there is a film I have long wanted to see, but I have found impossible to find anywhere. I am looking for an obscure 1973 Spaghetti Western titled The Short and Happy Life of the Brothers Blue–Italian: Blue Gang e vissero per sempre felici e ammanzati. I realize there hasn’t been an official release of this film, but I am wondering if it is available on DVD/DVD-R elsewhere. I am especially intrigued by the premise of Palance playing a ruthless sniper–and the sunglasses he’s sporting look awesome!–and I would rather watch a serious SW as I’m not fond of the goofy, spoofy comedic SWs. Does anyone know where this can be found?


Do not know how much you want to pay…a dvd r is available here:

Hi Ennioo–
Thank you for the link. I emailed the person who runs it inquiring regarding formats. I see he (?) offers the film as a DVD-R; however, I’m uncertain of the format–whether it’s NTSC or PAL. I’m in the States so I do NTSC. I tried asking about this but I didn’t get a response–I’m not sure how good his English is. Have you purchased from this outfit?


Not purchased from hear in many years now, but a few people on the forum have purchased from this seller as I remember.

Hi Ennioo–
The price was reasonable–about $20 USD–but the question remains unanswered. I’m not sure of the format. I need NTSC, or region free.


If either/or works, it will most definitely be region free (since its a DVDR)

Not sure about the chances for NTSC though, since they are located in the Netherlands

I’ve never bought from them myself though

Not sure how many versions of this are floating around, but mine is also a VHS rip of a French TV recording, and it is NTSC

Hi autephex–
If it’s region free, then that’s fine. In any event, I received an email back that squared away my concerns. I think it’s worth a shot at a reasonable price–especially for such an obscure item.


I have that dvd-r, its from a VHS rip, its of a watchable quality.

One I would like to view in a much better print.

Rene at Cine City speaks fluent English. He used to come over to do the film fairs bringing some great Dutch tapes over to sell. He was great at sourcing Dutch Spaghetti Western and Italian Crime tapes for me.

Interesting, did he just do the London fairs then ?

I happily agree.

Just to advise this one was on TCM (UK) last week. I have it on disc but not watched it yet, it should be repeated fairly regularly

Is it widescreen ?

No - unfortunately not - but when I put it on fullscreen it seemed not too bad

A shame its not widescreen, but TCM sometimes use great quality prints on these old westerns.

Interesting, did he just do the London fairs then ? -

Just noticed this, Ennioo. Not sure mate as I never went to ones in Manchester or the like.

Cheers Yodlaf :slight_smile: