The Seven from Texas / Antes llega la muerte (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, 1964)


As I said you need to be POSITIVE and PRAISING of CULT SWs/ CULT Giallos.

This business of someone saying “I have seen many SWs” and “I may get bored” is
totally incorrect, ungrateful and feeble minded because every time you are PRIVILEGED
to have a SW or Giallo DVD you must remember how SUPERIOR that SW/Giallo is to the
abysmal trash that critics like Loser Halliwell are always praising and forcing on people.
Those revolting dull “true life” dramas and pathetic Cary Grant type “unfunny comedies”.
Those atrocious stiff/dull mainstream “top actors/actresses” that I have already named :’(

(Stanton) #22

Please, this is no religion! Only fun.

Why don’t you try not to care what someone else thinks, says, does.

Enjoy the movies you love, and don’t care what someone else thinks about them. The films won’t get better (or worser) if the whole world loves them too.


Ok Stanton we will not talk politics or religion … :wink: I have made my point , you yours. :o

(p.pereira) #24

I finally decided to watch this one. Boring in the first half but it gets better in the end.
The Spanish DVD from Impulso it’s pretty good.

(ENNIOO) #25

Reading alot of the past posts in this thread, and things seem to be about Cult :smiley: .

Anyway about the film. Few regular faces in this, including Robert Hundar, who always seems to pop up in these early ones. Main story really gels well with the different sub plots, which made for an interesting tale. We travel across country which I tend to like, as keeps things moving so to speak. One to look for if you like these early ones.

(Bill san Antonio) #26

I feel bad to resurrect these topics with SD ravings but since I watched this cult film today, here’s few words about it:

Not bad film at all but certainly not Marchent’s best. It has the feel of a Winnetou film with indian fights, wagon train and many personal characters. I’m not sure but some of the music might be recycled from one of the Winnetou films too, at least it sounded familiar. Cast is full of sw regulars from Sancho to Baldassarre and the inevitable (for Marchent film) Claudio Undari.

Film has a great ending which is pure Marchent style and separates the film from the more positive Winnetou films. Also the scenes in the desert are well directed and they look great.

My rating 5/10

(Stanton) #27

Glad you mentioned it. Always a pleasure to stumble over them.

(Reminds me of Forest Gumps praline wisdom …)

(ENNIOO) #28

Funny, I viewed this one again last night.

(chameleon) #29

Watched this one the other night, just to scratch it off my watch list.

I pretty much agree on what’s been said from the above posts, and just add that I don’t mind watching these early ones from time to time, as I grew up watching the Winnetou films. Ok for a rainy day, that’s about it.

(warrior) #30

does anyone know this title?

starring robert hundar
is it available?directed by rafael merchant

(Bad Lieutenant) #31

There is already a topic for this film:,925.0.html

(Phil H) #32

Watched this one this morning.
Somehow I thought I’d already seen it but I’m sure now I hadn’t.

Classical western in style with pretty obvious influences from a number of U.S. sources (Ford and Hawks in particular) and clearly a ‘pre Leone’ European western but well made I thought and kept me engaged throughout. Some good performances too. I always like Robert Hundar and Sancho is of course a welcome face but Jesus Puente was a nice surprise and good to see Baldassarre in a decent size role.

All in all a pleasant ride. One could say ‘Cult’. :wink:

Struggled to make sense of the “Seven From Texas” title though. The Spanish title is much better and fits the story well.

(The Man With a Name) #33

I like this film. I’ll have to get the Blu-ray soon.

(Søren) #34

Well in that case I would suggest that you preorder a copy at Dorado as the presale didn’t go very well (80 copies preordered) and it is therefore possible that I will not get released. So get going :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #35

Looks like I missed it already. It won’t let me create an account there for some reason.

(Søren) #36

The preorder-link doesn’t seem to be working either it seems. Hope they haven’t given completely up. Try dropping them a mail.

(The Man With a Name) #37

They said they’ll be doing another pre-sale soon.

(The Man With a Name) #38

Still waiting on that Blu-ray. I hope people bought enough for them to start releasing more spaghetti westerns.

(Søren) #39

I think that’s doubtful. The initial presale went terrible. Under a hundred copies sold. How it ended up I have no idea but probably less than to make up for the effort.

Dorado Films is yet to release their second Jesus Franco double feature before The Seven from Texas goes out and since the Jesus Franco double still has no release date The Seven from Texas will probably, only guessing here, come out sometime after the summer holiday and hopefully this year.

(Jonny Powers) #40

Yeah they said in their most recent update that they’re gonna have some news on Franco 2 and Seven at the end of the week. Mondo Macabro are supposed to take over the distribution end of their future releases in future.