The Road to Fort Alamo [Koch Media]

AKA La strada per Fort Alamo.

Being released as Der Ritt nach Alamo. July / August release.

This is going to be one hot summer :slight_smile:


Bava… interesting

Bava’s westerns have a bad reputation … hmmm …

I have only seen Roy Colt and Winchester Jack so far, which saved me some cash on sleeping pills.

Bruckner calls it the best of Bava’s three failed genre entries :slight_smile: So doesn’t bode too well I guess.

But there must be a lot of potential buyers for a Bava-release which must be why it is coming out. I have the feeling that Bruckner more or less up till now only have released spaghetti westerns which he himself liked so a quite interesting turn of events.

I can forgive anything to the Maestro except “Four Times that Night”. I don’t understand this kind of movie.

I is never had opportunity to see this film but for the French speakers here is an opinion on another forum :

Cover art added to first post !

out now (tomorrow). happy pre-ordering (our amazon links? thanks)