The Resurrection of El Puro

Found this, apparently an El Puro sequel:

Haven’t seen El Puro myself, so I dunno what you guys think :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, its directed by Alan Smithee! :smiley:

I thought he was long retired. :wink:

I doubt that Smithee will be able to make another winner.

That must be something they’ve done during this year’s Western Film Festival - one of Robert Woods (who was one of festival guests) antagonists is the guy who represented makers of one of the movies in competition (an American one). Glad to see they had some fun behind the scenes.

No squibs!

it seems now that what started as a gag is going to turn into a real sequel to El Puro (according to fb news) - that would be something

Please no …

but if it leads to a DVD release of El puro, then let them do it.

i hope they’ll make it, Robert owns it …

Some nice names attached!

Would love to see it made, even if its not very good

Be interesting if this gets made whether it will be better then the new Franco Nero Django film.

If El Puro doesn’t become a movie consultant in this one, it probably will be.

Indeed…I forgot about that.

So, El Puro wasn’t killed by Specs after all?

I used Alan Smithee as an alias for a dreadful student film I was forced to make when I was at college. ;D