The rarest of the rare

All cinecity dvd-r’s are around 12-20 €. Pretty expensive.

A lot better asking price compared to that greedy prick’s price on ebay.
I may check this out sooner or later, an who knows… maybe it’s actually good. :-\

Judging by his rating and the stock photo, I’d say it’s safe to say you still haven’t seen it anywhere :smiley:

Here’s another rare one BARRETT. It’s a 1989 made in South Africa western starring Mark Mulder and directed by Anthony Bond. It’s available on VHS but its difficult to find an inexpensive copy. I bought a used copy several years ago and it’s an okay film but pretty cheaply made with poor production values. It’s not in our database. If someone can start it I can fill in the majority of the information on the film.

Look at some of the prices on this site some pretty crazy pricing. And of lot of the movies aren’t rare at all, and have been released on dvd. Of course, in these cases it’s not the movie that’s rare, but the (Italian) VHS.

The most expensive tape seems to be the one for GIUNSE RINGO E FU TEMPO DI MASSACRO, 285 euros.

How about Djurado, isn’t that a rare one?

And the list should get a lot more extensive if we look at complete cuts, watchable quality or English dubs for some titles. Good luck finding a complete, watchable cut for Odio è il mio Dio, a watchable cut of Monta in sella, figlio di…!, or English dubs for Der Letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz, Giarrettiera Colt and some more.

Very interesting thread. And yes, I was wondering if perhaps there’d be a lost spaghetti, buried in someone’s attic or locked up in a vault. The Laredo (strudel western) story is just that.

It would still be more interesting of course if any of these rare ones was supposed to be a hidden gem of sorts.

Bumping 'the thread. anyone seen any of these hidden “gems” yet?

sonora and a name that cried for revenge

Those aren’t really rare. Rare maybe, but not really really rare. Keep contributing tho!

the english audio from ’ sartana does not forgive’

at least you can find it in italian. other films are not available at all.(unfortunately, so many sw gone awry…)

italian audio not worth it, english or nothing, the actors speak english and not italian

yes maybe, but the english audio from sonora is ultra rare

No I think it’s available in an Australian TV rip.

it’s available in australia??? that’s very good!!

Not in Australia, but I think there’s an Australian TV rip that’s available.

No, I believe the Australian tv-rip is the most common print around and that’s spanish or italian (can’t just remember which one) with english subtitles.

You learn something new everyday.

The Australian tv-print is in Italian.I also have this cool Argentinian tape and its in Spanish.Nice film

Nice find!

the spaghetti western: ‘kill johny ringo’