The quick and the dead(1998/raimi)

One of the best westerns of the 90’s.but lets imagine it was made in the 60’s in italy.gene hackman replaced by van cleef…sharon stone by bardot…russell crowe by nero…leo decaprio by gemma…lance henriksen by henry silva…keith david by woody strode. just one of those things i think about when watching movies ???

I got this one from my school library so I’ll probably watch it somewhere this week.

It had a good premise, but very poor execution in my opinion.

Gene Hackman doing a backflip when he got shot just ruined it for me.

Hey I hadn’t seen it yet, thanks for telling he gets shot…

Oops, sorry Earl, I shoulda done a spoiler warning, but Gene Hackman plays the main villain so yeah he dies. This isn’t the Great Silence.

Hey, I haven’t seen The Great Silence yet!


Haha :wink:

Just rewatched this movie. I’ve seen it three times now, I think.
Woody Strode’s final movie (he has a miniscule part as coffin maker) is pretty slick and energetic, with a nod to the spaghetti western genre. The movie goes over the top at points, with bullet holes in people that you can see through and, like mr. challenge mentioned, Hackman doing a backflip. But since this is not a pretentious movie and it’s all done in good fun, I can live with it. What sets this film apart from your average western is the main character, who is female. Sharon Stone didn’t do too bad, but it’s not too believable to begin with. Crowe was so so, and Di Caprio was annoying in a good way. The main strength of the movie is Hackman, who blows everybody of the screen on auto pilot mode. The main weakness is the story. The plot is paper thin and it’s nothing new.
I’d rate this 6 maybe 6,5 out of 10 In my opinion it is still the most recent of westerns that is any good. No Costner- or Brosnan crap is going to change that, nor Brad Pitt’s overlong western. Maybe 3:10 to Yuma, but having seen the original I’ll probably be very critical of that one.

THE QUICK AND THE DEAD 1998 Directed by Sam Raimi

SHARON STONE Russell Crowe Leonardo DiCaprio Gene Hackman

Sam Raimi usually known as a horror director turns in a very professional western that
holds the tension, packs many thrills and benefits from an intense leading lady in
SHARON STONE. Good supporting roles for a nasty looking Gene Hackman , Crowe
& moody Leonardo Dicaprio, but the real star as in all her films is the superb Miss Stone :-*

MY Vote for the QUICK AND THE DEAD 1988 is 13.5 out of 20. :smiley:

Great homage to the SW genre with excellent characters, great cast, and great performances by Stone, Hackman, DiCaprio and Crowe, but marred by unconvincing and outlandish gunplay and lack of a solid musical score.

My vote: 12-20.

Not a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio.

Yean me too, but I must admit he did well in this one.

Buy the way, has anyone here seen the HBO 1987 made for TV movie of the same name?

Its really good, I remember watching it some time ago. It has Sam Elliot and Kate Capshaw. I like that better than this one. Sam Elliot plays a “stranger” type role.

I just picked it up about a month ago at a second hand store, for $4. I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet but soon…

Sharon Stone or these two?

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I found it cheap and cliched. It suffers from the hollywood movie syndrome.

It’s not a great western, but I enjoy it and I own it on DVD. I even have soundtrack, cos main theme is fantastic.

I think its the best 90s western next to Unforgiven and Tombstone. I saw it years ago, I hadn’t seen anything like it before… I still really like it though. BTW this was realeased in 1995 not 1998