The Proposition...A Cult Western in disguise?

Hi Guys,
What do you think about the Proposition ? I believe this movie deserved more credit as a cult western but it didn’t. Was it due to lack of publicity or lack of appeal to the masses ? ???

I dont see it as a “cult” film at all.

Its simply an amazing piece of filmmaking period.

I agree. It is not trashy or campy enough to be a cult film. Although I hold this film in the highest respect. Or were you suggesting we form a cult around it?

Or were you suggesting we form a cult around it?

Can we do that? :slight_smile: Sometimes I feel myself confused on what is literal meaning of cult classic movie and what is applied one ? Will anyone suggest me some ‘definite’ cult classics ?

Well, I;m all for starting ac ult for this film. It has definitve music and locale. I’de say jango is a cult film. Maybe The Big Lebowski too.

Not a cult material… but still a very good film.

I hope Hillcoat makes another western in the near future.

John Hurt steals the show.