The Price Of Power

(Søren) #1


Anybody know what the quality is of the Price Of Power dvd released by Alfa Digital compared to the SPO disc?

This one:

(Bill san Antonio) #2

I don’t have the disc but usually Alpha digital uses Italian dvd’s or vhs sources with variable quality for their bootleg releases.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #3

They apparently took the print from the Japanese macaroni westerns set :slight_smile:

(Søren) #4

OK. Thanks

(socratesx) #5

So how is the quality of this alfa digital release? I notice it is anamorphic but was the japanese dvd anamorphic?

(Søren) #6

No it wasn’t. I think that alfa digital just took the picture part of the Japanese release and ‘made it’ anamorphic, thus not gaining anything in picture quality. Cannot check though as I already sold the Alfa Digital-release again (before watching) as I got hold of the Macaroni Box set with the ‘real deal’ in :slight_smile: