The Price Of Power


Anybody know what the quality is of the Price Of Power dvd released by Alfa Digital compared to the SPO disc?

This one:

I don’t have the disc but usually Alpha digital uses Italian dvd’s or vhs sources with variable quality for their bootleg releases.

They apparently took the print from the Japanese macaroni westerns set :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks

So how is the quality of this alfa digital release? I notice it is anamorphic but was the japanese dvd anamorphic?

No it wasn’t. I think that alfa digital just took the picture part of the Japanese release and ‘made it’ anamorphic, thus not gaining anything in picture quality. Cannot check though as I already sold the Alfa Digital-release again (before watching) as I got hold of the Macaroni Box set with the ‘real deal’ in :slight_smile: