The prettiest spaghetti western boxsets

See the news :wink:

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This is not a SW but I like these type wooden collection boxes

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Thatโ€™s great, suits the genre perfectly. Whatโ€™s included? Briefly.

There are 600 tv episodes from 40 different tv series: the adventures of kit carson, Annie Oakley, bat masterson, bonanza, Judge Roy bean, the rifleman, sugarfoot etc.

Most of these I would not have heard about or seen - I guess they aired only in the USA. The claim on the box is that some were never seen on tv.

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Wow! How much was it?

Just checked and it is still on at the same price I paid for it 5 years ago - approx $43. Reduced from $99.

For the amount of stuff in the set I think the price you paid it was a bargain! :money_with_wings:

that is a great price