The Pony Express Periodical i found and need info on

Hopefully The Saloon is the right place to post this. If not please let me know and ill strive to do better in the future.
I found a 14 page, magazine for lack of a better term, today. Its printed on paper January 1969 in Sonora CA and its titled The Pony Express. Its the same size as a normal magazine. It covers mostly subjects concerning the old west in the Sonora area though not exclusively. It also has quite alot of ads concerning Sonora area businesses in that area The editors name is Herbert S. Hamlin and i was able to find a few things on him but not a whole lot.
If any of yall can tell em something about this magazine i would be extremely grateful. Also if yall want i will post pictures of the pages. Ive never seen a paper like this before and really hope some of you may have. Thanks in advance for all views of my topic. Merry X-mas to all!!