The Pitiless Three / El sabor de la venganza (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, 1963)


I just watched the Wild East-release of Three Ruthless Ones/Gunfight At High Noon/Sons Of Vengeance/3 Implacables and found it specially interesting as a pre-Leone SW or paella western, but with several recognizable faces.

Looking at the different Almeria locations was the most intriguing, including Tabernas area and El Cabo de Gata. The rodeo scene obviously though was shot at Clomenar Viejo where it was possible to observe its caracteristic hill. The family ranch I suspected was rather close to Mini Hollywood, and I just found it on Google 3D here :

Maybe the film is a bit more American style in story telling, but I found it entertaining nevertheless, and I guess I will rate it as 6 of 10. It do lack the rather typical mood of many SW, and that genre’s best music.