The Musical Pocket Watch

If any of you ever wanted one of those musical pocket watches like El Endio had in For A Few Dollars More, here’s your chance

Very nice. Out of my price range though :stuck_out_tongue: .

It looks tacky to me. I’d want it 24 carat gold for that price, and tainted with El Indio’s sweat. It looks nothing like the real thing. Tat!

Yeah, it’s outrageous. Someone can make one of those for a lot less.

What a complete scam.

It’s completely different to the one in For a Few Dollars More, which kind of defeats the point.

I’ll save my money for another of the seller’s wonderful items:

It looks totally legit, too. Bargain.

A pal sent me a link to a new release copy of Mortimer’s watch which is a lot cheaper than the one above but still well out of my price range I’m afraid. Looks nice though so if anyone here is wondering what to get me for Christmas… ;D

Yep out of my price range aswell. Will have to wait and see if I get a watch in a cracker instead :smiley: .