The Mercenary on Netflix Instant...WOW!

The Mercenary is on Nerflix Instant and it is amazing! I have never seen this fim so clear. I wonder where they got this print? The sound is great too. Crisp. Check it out! BTW Django, Run Man Run, Navajo Joe are also on.

Dude they got a shit load of SW’s on netflix now. They got all of the Blue Underground releases. Several Leone’s and Corbucci’s. They got plenty to choose from. ;D

Would be great if we could get a list of all of them… watching Django on instant view some time ago is what started me on spaghetti westerns in the first place. I also saw The Mercenary, Duck You Sucker, Navajo Joe, My Name is Nobody, Red Sun and Death Rides a Horse on instant view. I know Death Rides a Horse and Red Sun are not on instant anymore, not sure about the others.

I actually just logged in to suggest that such a list would be highly beneficial. Would it have a place on the site, or just here on the forums?

Would be a good idea I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s a start – a list of what I could find available via Netflix Instant. Two separate lists would be awesome, because some (like myself) don’t get the disc option. Should I bust this out into a new topic?

Ace High (Database[/url]) (Netflix link)
Adios Sabata (Database) (Netflix link)
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (Database) (Netflix link)
Bad Man’s River (Database) (Netflix link)
A Bullet for Sandoval (Database) (Netflix link)
Captain Apache* (Database) (Netflix link)
Django (Database) (Netflix link)
Duck, You Sucker (Database) (Netflix link)
Four of the Apocalypse (Database) (Netflix link)
Hills Run Red (Database) (Netflix link)
The Mercenary (Database) (Netflix link)
Navajo Joe (Database) (Netflix link)
Run Man Run (Database) ([url=]Netflix link

*Technically, a Eurowestern

I think you should, good list. Adios Sabata is another one to put on there.

It would probably be better for you gents to look at netflix’s lists instead of making one, seeing as how they change every few months. Westerns can be found in the classics and action adventure sections of instant viewing. Its looks as though the westerns by starz (anchor bay-blue underground) are up. Plus a bunch of shitty full frames- the majority of these westerns on netflix are the same ones that come on the shitty 25 movie western “collectors” box set.

But then again its not such a bad idea for you guys to make a list of the good widescreen westerns, I might have missed out on a couple.