The Mercenary / A Professional Gun / Il mercenario (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

(John Welles) #161

That ClassiCinema website is brilliant! Good quality uploads to.

(Lode) #162

Great News: Mercenario is coming to DVD from KOCH. Really great news! :smiley: hahahaha

(Sebastian) #163

I read that on the other week :wink:

(Mortimer) #164

but you can watch it on youtube for free :o

(Sebastian) #165

who’d want to torture himself doing that I wonder

(Mortimer) #166

not me

(Silence) #167

Oh yeah, that site… very nice site ;).

(Chris_Casey) #168

Wow! Maybe I should check that site out. ;D

(Chris_Casey) #169

Nor I! It is all I can do, sometimes, to sit through a five or six minute clip on YouTube.

(Silence) #170

I’ve watched some films on YouTube and it worked pretty good for me.

(Sebastian) #171

no match for a beautiful koch disc, come on

(Paco Roman) #172

It’s ok to watch some scenes at youtoube but a whole movie ? ::slight_smile:

What’s a about the contest to win a Mercenario DVD? ( I buy it anyway but a Quiz or something similiar would be nice) :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #173

trying to have the quiz up asap

(Sebastian) #174

it’s just that i dont know the exact number of copies yet i can give away and i dont want to change the terms of the giveaway while it’s already running

(Silence) #175


But still better than nothing.

By the way, about the contest; is it a copy we are able to win or the actual DVD?

(Sebastian) #176

a copy. meaning the actual dvd, but only one :wink:
native speakers in here, is it okay to say “win a copy of the dvd” or what should i write instead?

(Chris_Casey) #177

Yes, sir. That is perfectly fine. But, it would also work to just simply say “win the DVD”.

(Sebastian) #178

muchas gracias

(Chris_Casey) #179

de nada, hombre. ;D

(Yodlaf Peterson) #180

[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:169, topic:177”]Nor I! It is all I can do, sometimes, to sit through a five or six minute clip on YouTube.[/quote]same here, fuck watching a whole film in youtube segments