The Mercenary / A Professional Gun / Il mercenario (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

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Stumbled upon this great pic
I added it to the film’s review

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This pic really is awesome!

(Andy) #223

Still no proper R1 release :(.

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:221, topic:177”]

Stumbled upon this great pic
I added it to the film’s review[/quote]

Hmmm…I thought I had added this still to the IL MERCENARIO page on the database several months ago. But, after checking out the page, just now, I realized it isn’t there.
A great pic, indeed!

(Sebastian) #225

yeah it is a shame, but just import the Koch Media disc, no other release will probably be as good as that one

(Hey Stranger) #226

I just saw The Mercenary on FOX 45’s THIS network here in Baltimore. It reminded me a lot of Django. I really dug it.

(Stanton) #227

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:221, topic:177”]

Stumbled upon this great pic
I added it to the film’s review[/quote]

This still is btw also reproduced in the booklet of Koch’s Mercenary DVD.

(scherpschutter) #228

You’re right. I knew I had seen it before, but couldn’t remember where. I checked several books (Giré has another great ‘on the set pic’ of The Mercenary), but not this booklet

I also found a wonderful ‘on the set pic’ of Corbucci’s last western, but I’ll keep it for the review (I still have to write)

(Stanton) #229

I wasn’t sure if you have the Koch disc or the French one.

(scherpschutter) #230


I bought the Koch disc and got the French one (from somebody who didn’t like the forced subs)

(Stanton) #231

Oh yes, I forgot, you just had made a DVD check. First think, then …

(Jude) #232

I finally checked this one yesterday. I had watched Companeros earlier and i really liked it, so i had quite high expectations for this, even though i knew that this was going to be a movie with the same idea. But still I was happy after watching this, for instance Franco Nero does brilliant job as a cunning mercenary, i don’t think anybody could have done this role better. One thing that was also great was Jack Palance’s role, it worked on Companeros and it surely worked on this movie too. Morricone’s music is once again fantastic, and some scenes are done with pure skill. There’s humour but there’s also violence which is typical for Corbucci’s style. This is quite fast paced movie, but it’s also an entertaining flick.

4/5 stars.

(Sanjuro) #233

Why not 5? :smiley: Actually it looks like I voted this 4 as well; wish I could change it now. I also saw Companeros first, & didn’t think Mercenario was quite as good when I first saw it. But it’s really grown on me. I’ve watched them both another couple of times since, & now I’m not sure which I prefer. Possibly Mercenario.

(Jude) #234

Maybe this grows on me too, i don’t know. Now i think Companeros is superior for me, but hard to compare with these two classics :slight_smile:

(DollarsDollarsBills) #235

Just watched this last night thanks to its recent addition to the Netflix library and I must say I was impressed. I can see why there is the constant comparison between this and “Companeros” as Nero plays essentially the same character in both films and the plots are very similar. But what really makes this stand out as opposed to “Companeros” was the combination of Musante and Palance.

In “Companeros,” Palance’s role – although very entertaining – was just too weird for my tastes. A one-armed, pot-smoking, hawk-wielding villain is just over the top and the extreme nature of the character compared to Palance’s other roles worked negatively in my opinion. I’m all for actors going outside their comfort zones, but here it was just too much of a jump. In “The Mercenary” he is right at home in his classic, menacing role that we’re all familiar with. I also prefer Musante to Milan, as I felt his role was more believable and likeable.

The showdown and the score are the icing on the cake though. No great western can end without a classic showdown and I found this element was lacking considerably in “Companeros”. Not to mention “L’Arena” is some of Morricone’s best. But whichever you prefer, they’re both two great films in their own right.

(Stanton) #236

And don’t forget one of the most brilliant ideas of The Mercenary is that it dares not to end with the l’arena showdown, which should have been the logical end of the film, and by ignoring classic dramaturgical rules simply starts again. Was there any genre film which did this before?

(Major Clyde) #237

I enjoy Companeros and Mercenario more and more with each viewing. They don’t get “stale” for me.

(Sebastian) #238

how can this be on netflix? what version?

(DollarsDollarsBills) #239

I’m not sure what version it is, but it’s dubbed in English. It’s streaming only too, which is unfortunate.

(Sebastian) #240