The man who came from Turkey

selam millet türk var mı la burda hiç spagetti western seven :slight_smile:


Glad to have some more international friends here! I’m not sure if there are any others from Turkey but hopefully there are!

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Thanx for answering, there is alot of people in Turkey who are interested about spagetti western films but unfortunately there are not enough translented material specially books.

No problem friend! I never knew that there was an interest in Turkey for Spaghetti Westerns! It’s a shame that many releases aren’t friendly for your country, though I think there might be some sites that have Turkish subtitles for these films to download and be used alongside VLC media player.

Thanx bro, actually there is a goverment channel (TRT) that shows western films every sunday morning and thousand of turkish people watch it while making breakfast. also turkish movie productors got influenced by western movies and guido zurli ( italian director) made western movies in turkey