The Man Called Gringo / Sie nannten ihn Gringo (Roy Rowland, 1965)

Corrupt town ( a common feature in these early ones :D) is saved by a super slick guy who happens to have a few surprises under his belt. Spot of romance thrown in for good measure. More talk most of the times than action, which is fine but the talking is just padding out stuff alot of the time. German dvd has english audio with english subtitles for the sections that never had english audio, and is presented in 2.35 widescreen.

Pretty bad and boring German western. 1/10

Those early German westerns usually are naive and pretty boring. You wonder what would’ve happened if Leone had not made Fistful of Dollars. How long would Germany have continued to produce these kind of naive westerns? They did pretty well at home, as far as I know.

Haven’t seen this one, btw. I’m inclined to give it a chance for Götz George, but no high expectations

I’ve seen this 5 years ago but all I wrote about it was “Typical (and boring) early eurowestern.” with 1 star rating. :smiley:

This one is very much so. Its makes me smile on how much so.

Viewed the recent Wild East release of this mostly unexciting western. As far as picture quality the German release is sharper. The WE does have the full English audio but some is quite bad, probably why the German release kept some in German. Too bad the movie doesn’t look like the trailer, it’s much better.
Wild East

Franco Lantieri (far right) is Tiny, one of Gringo’s men and the old sheriff is Hilario Flores, who played a similar and equally ill-fated role in Relevo para un pistolero

The guy to the right in the first two screens looks a little like a thin version of Lee J Cobb :grinning:

Right. I thought he looked familiar, but could put my finger on it. The one on the left on the second pic must be Sieghard Rupp, best known for a small role in A Fistful of You-know-what

The Lee J Cobb looking guy is Dave Walton who according to IMDB and the DB is Argentinian actor Hugo Pimentel who has a good few credits. And Sherp you are correct regarding Rupp.

The honorable @Djangoisme has a new review up for this one