The Magnificent West / Il magnifico West (Gianni Crea, 1972)

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I meant to put this one here in the forum but mest up and put it on the database. Anyway, as I posted before, this one interested me because of it’s supposed attmept to be a “sprawling, pictaresque,” tale of the west which I think is pretty atypical for most spaghettis. If anyone has any info on this one, please let me know. I am very curious. ???
starring: Vassili Karis and Gordon Mitchell

I would also like to locate a DVD-R of this. Anybody?

Can someone please help me. Very curious about this one.

It’s Gianni Crea’s movie so it’s probably shit.

You can get DVD-R copy in italian language from Cine City. Italian & Greek tape releases are the only ones I know, both in italian. You can also get original Italian tape from Kult Video, it only costs 75 euros. ;D If you order a copy, please trade a copy of it for me, I’d like to see this one too. It’s Crea and it stars Karis so it’s propably no-budget trash but at least it has great title…

[quote=“alk0, post:4, topic:1215”]It’s Gianni Crea’s movie so it’s probably shit.[/quote]Maybe so but even the worst directors have there moments. By reputation, Bruno Corbucci’s westerns are pretty bad excpet for Shoot, Gringo, Shoot. Maybe this one could be Crea’s Spara, Gringo, Spara.

Crea’s Spara, Gringo, Spara is probably [haven’t seen all of his movies] “Law of violence”, but it was still mediocre

[quote=“alk0, post:7, topic:1215”]Crea’s Spara, Gringo, Spara is probably [haven’t seen all of his movies] “Law of violence”, but it was still mediocre[/quote]Me neither but you might be right here. It wasn’t that bad film.

Cool poster by the way

I finally managed to watch this today. What a terrible, terrible film. Is it low-budget? Well, as an example there’s a scene in the sheriff’s office but the only way you can tell it’s the sheriff’s office is because it has a jail… and that’s it. Because of budget limitations there are no guns, no “wanted” posters on the walls, no desk or chair… or anything. It’s completely empty room!

The western town that we see in every(?) Crea western is used again, mostly during the first half of the film, which is quite serious. The second half is more Trinity-style stuff and locations also change to Cave Studios and locations near it, mostly green hills that look nothing like the wild west. Music is (again!!) recycled from The Stranger Returns and maybe some other films. The film ends with a 15 minute (or so) funny fistfight that has big fat guys dressed up as women beating the bad guys… it just goes on and on. And of course there’s the inevitable funny old man too… and a goat.

The only good things I can think about this is that Karis is slightly more charismatic than usual and that there weren’t any recycled scenes.

1 star…

Won’t Crea get tired of that song?

There’s a (coverless) vid on ebay uk at the mo with a more reasonable buyitnow. I might add it isn’t me selling it, and neither do I wish to own it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another shitty one with tons of filler scenes, endless gravel pits, the mandatory, awful “funny” character etc. Cipriani’s score was quite nice, but it’s probably recycled from another film. 1 star for the score.

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