The magnificent seven

Hola gringos y muchachos…please can anyone help with information about this film… The film was made in mexico,but can anyone tell me if the BELL TOWER used in this film is still intact and standing or has it hit the dust…or does anyone have any information that it may now be part of a WESTERN THEME PARK as we have here in almeria SPAIN (MINI HOLLYWOOD) this is well worth a visit for those who love the western theme…so many great films we,re made here…so please can anyone help with the info…thank you

i never like this film ever!!!

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I have been seeking the answer to this very same question for a very long time. Many years, in fact.
Many sources state that the village and the church were built specifically for the film in, or near, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
However, I have never been able to confirm if they still exist, or not.
Frankly, I doubt that they do. They certainly are not a part of any Mini-Hollywood type theme park.

As far as I know, the only theme park in Mexico that is somewhat similar to Mini-Hollywood is “Villa del Oeste” in Durango.
An amazing amount of films have been shot there, from the 1950’s until the present day.

Since part of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN was, indeed, shot in Durango there is the chance that the border town set (the one where McQueen and Bryner meet and organize the Seven) was there.
However, I have been told that set was in a different location altogether.

We may never know the definitive answer(s), amigo.

You probably already know this, but here is a link to the list of locations for THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN via IMDB:

It isn’t much help as it is a non-specific list.
However, it is a good general reference.

Nobody at the location knew if MAG-7 would be ultra-popular, so there’d be little reason to go-out-of-one’s-way to preserve very much. I don’t even recall any belltower-scene lasting longer than a few seconds. -A binocular-scene, then maybe somebody got shot, dropped a rifle out of the tower, and followed it out… puh-plumpf.


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Thanks for all the comments above and please members continue with the search for info…Does anyone know if i were to send a message to the Ayuntamiento in Durango(council office) they would have any ideas on this topic…thank you

Magnificent Seven is one of the few American Westerns that I consider top notch.

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Thanks to ChrisCasey at least someone had constructive reply…The bell tower was there in the film but again WHERE. Is there someone on the forum that lives in Mexico… Maybe write to the ayuntamiento…

According to Carlo Gaberscek’s book the the Mexican village with the church and bell tower was built especially for the film at Tepoztlan, near Cuernavaca. I have no idea if any of it has survived but there doesn’t seem any record of it on line. Apparently, “Los Toritos”, the Tex-Mex border town was also built there. Again, no idea if any of it survives.

Hope that helps a little at least.

The magnificent Seven was filmed in Mexico…please can anyone help with information…(1) what was the name of the village used in the film shoot and has it now been turned into a western theme park…(2) is the bell tower in the film still intact or has it hit the dust with the passing of time…would appreciate any information …thank you

The Magnificent Seven was filmed on location in Cuernavaca, Mexico, from March to April 1960.

Thanks for the info…Any idea on the bell tower or has it gone into the history books,sorry for delay in reply…B F N