The Magnificent Seven Ride! (George McCowan, 1972)

(korano) #1

Another magnificent seven film. Often called very spaghettiesque. Filmed in california and souley an american production but in some screen shots, I could have sworn that some bandido was played by Aldo Sambrel. Could have been casting similar to Mario Adorf in Major Dundee. Starring Lee Van Cleef

(John Welles) #2

I think everyone always found this to be the weakest in the franchise. I couldn’t give it more than 2/5 despite Van Cleef being there, visabely uneasy.

(Stanton) #3

I think the 2nd is the weakest.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #4

LVC is in it. And it has plenty of action. Yet there is a certain “something” missing from it. The film just doesn’t have the look of greatness, or even goodness for that matter.

(Stanton) #5

None of the sequels is remarkable. In fact the original Mag 7 is also not that good. Sturges made better westerns.

(egrorian) #6

I love the original film - a true classic - while Ride! falls a long way short of course, I still think it is the best of the sequels, in a large part due to Van Cleef.

(Frank Talby) #7

I love the original, don’t care for the 2nd one, and I like the 3rd and 4th movies. Having Van Cleef in this one definitely helps a lot. It has more of a spaghetti western feel than the rest of the movies.

(sartana1968) #8

i only like this one all the others not worth it, in this you can see luke askew and lee van cleef together!

(Timothy England) #9


The Seven
Telly Savalas … Chris

Adam West … Noah Forbes

Christopher George … Mark Skinner

Pedro Sanchez … Pepe Carral

Clint Walker … Walt Drummond

Chuck Connors … Andy Hayes

Edd Byrnes … Scott Elliot