The Magnificent Seven Ride! (George McCowan, 1972)

Another magnificent seven film. Often called very spaghettiesque. Filmed in california and souley an american production but in some screen shots, I could have sworn that some bandido was played by Aldo Sambrel. Could have been casting similar to Mario Adorf in Major Dundee. Starring Lee Van Cleef

I think everyone always found this to be the weakest in the franchise. I couldn’t give it more than 2/5 despite Van Cleef being there, visabely uneasy.

I think the 2nd is the weakest.

LVC is in it. And it has plenty of action. Yet there is a certain “something” missing from it. The film just doesn’t have the look of greatness, or even goodness for that matter.

None of the sequels is remarkable. In fact the original Mag 7 is also not that good. Sturges made better westerns.

I love the original film - a true classic - while Ride! falls a long way short of course, I still think it is the best of the sequels, in a large part due to Van Cleef.

I love the original, don’t care for the 2nd one, and I like the 3rd and 4th movies. Having Van Cleef in this one definitely helps a lot. It has more of a spaghetti western feel than the rest of the movies.

i only like this one all the others not worth it, in this you can see luke askew and lee van cleef together!


The Seven
Telly Savalas … Chris

Adam West … Noah Forbes

Christopher George … Mark Skinner

Pedro Sanchez … Pepe Carral

Clint Walker … Walt Drummond

Chuck Connors … Andy Hayes

Edd Byrnes … Scott Elliot