The Magnificent Seven (Antoine Fuqua, 2016)

Maybe the world will end in 2012 before this happens:

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The world I don’t know, but the western will survive this

I normally fucking hate remakes, but I think Hollywood has a pretty good track record when it comes to remakes of westerns in recent years. 3:10 to Yuma and True Grit weren’t bad. So I’m willing to give this one a chance.

UPDATE: Wait a minute, Tom Cruise wants to plays Yul’s character? The world might end but I’m not taking any chances. Better off shooting yourself right now while the world is still (relatively) sane.

Of course it will, but I’d much rather see Tom Cruise backing an original Western as oppossed to this remake of a beloved (but not round here) classic.

i would accept this but only with John Travolta as Chris and Cruise as Tanner - and it could be titled Scientologificent Seven (it’s no problem to hire five more actors from the church in Hollywood)
or if its problem, then Cruise must be send on a holy mission

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We don’t need another save the helpless Mexican villagers exercise.

Cruise and the midgets strike again.

First look, these guys look rather basterdly

And here is the wild trailer

Does this mean the bodycount is going to be in the hundreds? :grin:

I’m not too impressed by the cast here. Don’t get me wrong I love the actors but I’m not sure that they’re right for the film. Hopefully I’m proven wrong though.

Edit: Just saw the trailer, it looks miles away from what the original movie was supposed to be. They’re trying to change it into another fun summer action movie. I’m worried that this’ll turn out to be a massive flop.

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Trailer does not look promising, and with a director like Fuqua it surely won’t work.

Well, it’s a mess. Mediocre genre directors like Fuqua and Mangold make westerns, and when great directors like QT or los Coens shoot one, it will be inevitable one of their weaker films.

Where are the reincarnations of Peckinpah and Leone?

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Not yet reincarnated…

The one directed by Mangold is in my view better than its reputation.

Vinnie Jones is in it but no Cantona England 1 France 0, any day soon will be Ronaldo’s turn

Actually Peter Sarsgaard is doing the Calvera part, he’s one of the best ctors of the bunch, but also one of the most discret contemporany actors only remember him from Mendes Jarhead.

Oh well, one thing is for sure I will watch it

Worse imo.
Actually it is too often a catastrophe.

I still think this will be decent, Denzel can save anything.

I think it looks fine. Doesn’t mean it will be of course - it’s a trailer’s job to look good - but I’m looking forward to it.

Terribly cynical, some of you boys. :slight_smile:

The Denzel hasn’t saved Fuqua’s Training Day, despite a promising concept.

Actually the Denzel is a very good actor, but also one who appears too often in mediocre films, and wastes his talent with all these conventional films.

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Well you have to accept finding yourself on the minority there, I mean he won an Oscar for Training Day. It’s generally considered a good performance.

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Not the greatest fan of the first film, so not much hope me liking it :smile: