The Magnificent Eleven(2011)

Saw this on the net today and thought to myself, WTF?!! This sounds like a horrible idea.

??? WAT

The plot summary sounds fucking stupid. I’ll be quite surprise if this turns out to be any good.

It’s a comedy. Don’t read too much into the title, as it obviously has next to nothing to do with westerns.

I love how Hollywood keeps churning out regergatated movies from the past. What’s next GBU: The Musical!? But instead of being set in the west it will be in 1980’s new york. Blondie will be a punk rocker who has turned his back on society, Tucco will be an albino tranny with a coke problem, and angel eyes will be a 7ft talking dog named Hooper. Throw in Nicole Kidman as the hot teacher trying to make a difference in the lives of her students, but no matter how hard she tries obstacles keep coming her way. A couple of dance numbers and maybe a murder…bingo bango. Box Office Garbage! Thanks modern day cinema. :wink:

Stop! You’re gonna give 'em ideas!

Also, I re-read my first comment and I sound kind of angry, I’m not, but damn if this project doesn’t feel like it’s doomed from the start.

Ocean’s 7…

I think I ranted about stuff like this somewhere… Scripts that make a big-deal out of gathering all these wayward specialist-characters in the beginning… then the characters are reduced to token lines-and-scenes, basically vanishing from the middle onward.

I love those sequences where the teams come together a la Mission Impossible, but I agree it’s so disappointing when half the team members are reduced to minor roles.