The Magnificent Bandits / O’Cangaceiro (Giovanni Fago, 1969)

Anyone seen this “rare” SW starring Tomas Milian or know anything about this movie? Here in Finland it is shown at theater in a couple of weeks. Is it a must-see?
IMDB ranks it pretty high although there aren’t many voters nor any comments.

Never heard of it,but im interested, like you said thats a pretty high rating. (8.4)a fistful of dollars was given a (7.9) for comparisons sake.

I have a great interest on seeing this one. It pass on Brazil, I think it goes like the “Nordesterns” a kind of brazilian western but with cangaceiros, bandit very similiar to the mexicanos bandoleros… Anybody watched “Deus e o Diabo na terra do sol” ?


I have seen it many years ago. And also Antonio das Mortes. These are allegorical, political films by Glauber Rocha. They are using western elements but are closer to Godard. Interesting stuff.

Its really a good movie!, its not really a western, tomas milian is the mean acter wo plays a brazilian rebel.
It has a good story and a goodcast, good locations.

I only have a german version of the movie and there is a italian dvd avialable.

if you have to chanse to see the movie in english or on the big screen, than I would take the chanse

I knew about this film before, but I’ve never seen it, maybe I should pick up the italian dvd.
Tomas Milian is always good to see, how is the film, very serious or more light and humorous?

the movie is quiet serious, I dont know ifor sure but I believe there were some political eliments put in the movie that had something to do with some problems that were going on at the moment. ??? bit I dont know it for sure.

the movie is very good, and its allmost not a spaghetti bit just a good revolution movie, with thomas milian.

would be great if there was an english release of this movie!

A good movie, not really a western though !!! Anyone who likes Tomas Milian must have it !!!

Tomas Milian is my second favourite actor and i have wanted to see this for about 12 years or so but have never ever been able to find an English language or subtitled print, does anyone know if an English version exists.

there should excist an english version of this movie, but it is extreem hard to find! so hard to find that all big collecters that I know are still searching for it!

maybe if we are lucky there is a south african or a jamaican vhs release (so in english) of this movie. But what I said before its not around! we have to do with the italian(dvd) or german version that is not so hard to get.

i just hope it turns up, it reminds me of a few years ago when the south African tape of “Run man run” used to go for silly money as it was one of the only ways to find the “long” version in English language

There is an english subtitled fan project of the Italian disc. Don’t know if anyone has got it yet though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, the Italian disc is probably about 7 minutes cut (I don’t know the exact lenght… I know that it’s cut, but compared to the German theatrical version it seems to be missing 7 minutes [the DVD is 93min and german theatrical release according to anica is 104 which in PAL is about 99-100min]).

the version that I have, from the german vhs tape is the longest that is around. the strange thing is, there is a scene missing when milian is safed by the priest, the priest is telling him a story about god and blablabla, on the tape that I have the screen turns black but you can still hear the voices. I allways thought that it was an error on the tape. but on the italian dvd the same scene is missing.

o’cangaceiro - was dubbed into 5 languages english being one of them:
filmexport have this in their film catalogue also have listed ‘thompson 1880’ (english) and 'the halleluja gang (they still call me amen) english version - also another i dont recognise
hopefully one day they will see the light of day on dvd…
view the library here:

Just visited the link provided and found a whole mess of SWs, ranging from “A Gunman Named NEbraska” to “Dead Men Ride.” Does this mean that these SWs are waiting for their rights to be bought or something?

what is this site, i’ve found some great looking stuff in that list including a few good Maurizio Merli films that haven’t come out but i haven’t been able to get anywhere

but there is also quite a lot of stuff that has had a proper release such as Vamos a matar companeros and several Bud Spencer / Terence Hill films :slight_smile:

here the hell can I get an english friendly, or at least subtitle, DVD/R of this? It looks really good.

[quote=“korano, post:17, topic:223”]here the hell can I get an english friendly, or at least subtitle, DVD/R of this? It looks really good.[/quote]This was supposed to be released by Global video, South-Africa. Anyone heard of Naushad lately?

hi all
this movie is still set for release,but with another movie .it makes it more viable to release 2 or or even 4 westerns at one time

the only ones ready right now together are


I finally saw this film, fan subbed version of the Italian dvd.

Very good film, like said before it’s not a real western but close enough for me to have it in my western collection. In style it’s close to Tepepa and other revolution westerns but as it’s set in South-America it doesn’t feel that much of a western as other revolution films. Music is also mainly South-American style rhytm music which is different but fitting for the film. Tomas Milian is good in the main role as a peasant who turns to religios zealot bandit after the army kills his cow.

Pretty weird film at times and only western I’ve seen with italo-american gangsters with tommy guns 8)

My rating: 8/10