The magic of youtube

(Toscano) #1

It truly is amazing what you can find on Youtube…
I was feeling particularly homesick for Almeria this afternoon, so I delved into Youtube…

(Toscano) #2

Pardon me, I clicked on ‘Post’, before I had finished what I wanted to say…

While I was on YouTube, I discovered some old black and white footage of Maurizio Graf singing the main theme from ‘Pistol for Ringo’. This was especially poignant for me, because ‘Pistol’ is one of my favourite Spag. Westerns, and because of the untimely demise of the great Giuliano Gemma last year.
I then (on YouTube) found footage of a more elderly Maurizio Graf singing the main theme from ‘Pistol for Ringo’; but, this time, he was singing it on stage with the legendary ‘Spaghetti Western Orchestra’!
Speaking personally, I thought this was gold-dust!!

If it hadn’t been for ‘YouTube’, I’d never had found this particular nugget…
Has anyone else had similar gems crop up while they have been searching for anything ‘Spaghetti’ related???

(Jonny Powers) #3

Oh yeah! Dunno if you saw the thread in the Music and Soundtracks section, I found a vid with 3 different cues for A Pistol For Ringo, the third being a rare version with alternate lyrics:


This one is in Italian, and probably not what you’re looking for, but check it out anyways.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #5

YouTube is a great place for discovering spaghetti oater gems. It was the first place where I saw CEMETERY WITHOUT CROSSES before buying the sucker.

(Jonny Powers) #6

Where I saw Day of Anger before grabbing the WE disc :smiley: