The Lone Ranger: The Comic Book

In a press release Dynamite Entertainment today officially announced the full art team of the September-debuting Lone Ranger ongoing series: Brett Matthews - writer, John Cassaday - cover artist, designer and series consultant; Sergio Cariello – artist, and colorist Dean White.

“John and I looked at a lot of artists for this project,” Matthews said. “When we saw Sergio, and then Dean - we knew the search was over. Sergio’s work is distinct and has a point of view that lines up with where we’re taking The Lone Ranger, a character we all love and have a great deal of respect for. Working with Sergio has been a pleasure. He’s a real pro."

John Cassaday added in the release: “Sergio has a healthy blend of the modern American comic influences mixed with a confident European brush stroke. We felt it was important to find an artist who inked himself as well as an artist who understood we wanted to see true West, not Hollywood West. He’s working hard as hell on this book and it shows. Prepare to be impressed.”

Cassaday also had nothing but praise for his creative partner, writer Brett Matthews: “Brett is a perfect choice on this book. He understands what a Western needs in terms of the traditional as well as in terms of the reality that the sophisticated audience of today calls for. These are going to be real characters, not grainy cliches on TV.”

The opportunity to work on the Lone Ranger, in a “year one/origin” opening arc has proven to be just what Cariello has been looking for: “I love westerns: the guns, the cowboy gear, the horses, the landscape and the Indians. The Lone Ranger is an iconic hero of the Western World.”

As far as working from Matthews script, again, the artist has found a perfect collaboration: “I already could envision how I’d tell the story, graphically, after reading Brett’s script: So fitting to the western I know. The pacing, the straight forward storytelling, non- dialog heavy and just the right amount of panels. “

“As for John Cassaday as cover artist: How can you go wrong with a guys who’s been nominated – and won – best artist in the comic book community twice? His work is powerful. His initial sketch of the Lone Ranger was really appealing to me. John has a good sense of spotting blacks, texture and attention to details necessary to make an image stand out.”

“Sergio and Dean were the final pieces and we now have our fully-formed world,” commented Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. “Brett has written incredible scripts, Sergio’s turning in incredible pages, Dean’s coloring them and doing a fantastic job as he’s done in such Marvel titles as Black Panther and Cassaday has wrapped it up all nice and neat with a series of incredible covers. This will be THE most talked about comic of 2006, believe it.”

The series is planned to launch in September and follow monthly thereafter. Look for more art and information on the Lone Ranger in the weeks to come.