The Last Western You Watched?

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[quote=“Devil Bunny, post:6760, topic:141”]If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death
He’s smarter, better looking, better dressed and cooler than every one else he comes across, and they should feel privileged to be killed by him.[/quote]

Now that’s not a women’s point of view :wink:

[glow=red,2,300]Killer adios[/glow]

and the new Koch featurettes which are very entertaining.

“Comanche station” and “Ride the high country” has been re-watched.

I know John Wayne has a lot of fans round here … :wink: but I was in a mood for some non-SW.
Al Bundy’s favorite Movie and more or less a typical Indians vs. Cowboys Flick of the 50’s. The movie was made for 3-D screening and all those 3-D Effects (shooting arrows or punching into your direction) are fun. It’s the shortest movie I’ve seen so far which has an intermission.
Big Jake
With the beginning of the 70’s a new area of cinema started but John Wayne was still doing old fashioned Westerns. IMO this one is close to a SW mainly because of the bloody violence and the high body count. Richard Boone (the US Version of Aldo Sambrell) is a perfect mean villain. The following little story always puzzled me: Clint Eastwood asked John Wayne to be in one of his movies but Duke rejected it cause of the violence of Eastwoods movies. Quite strange cause Big Jake and other John Wayne Flicks aren’t harmless.
The Shootist
The best of those three and I’ve to agree with all those who said this one is something like the ultimate final western. The plot is taken place in 1901 and even a gunslinger has to go by tram to his last duel. Some good performances of all the actors/actresses included and once again Richard Boone plays an opponent of John Wayne. I watched the KochMedia Release which is as good as the UK Paramount Release without a featurette but with a nice booklet.

Canyon Passage (1946) - Jaques Tourneur

Fine western with some stunning outdoor scenery. Atmosphere was always a plus in Tourneur’s films, so that even the outdoor shot indoor scenes look convincing.

What SW fans will hate are some typical old fashioned big-Hollywood-star-movies scenes, which are including several songs sung by Hoagy Carmichael. (But I can live with them)

What SW fans may like is a fistfight, in which the hero uses at first a bottle and a chair to knock his enemy down, cause the sense of this fight is to destroy the other one. Probably more violent than any SW fistfight. And much better directed.
(Have I ever complained about fistfights in SWs?)

Just to let you know, for people living in Britain, on Thursday, March 11, on Channel 4, from 1.05 PM - 2.55 PM, there is a showing of Sam Peckinpah’s Ride the High Country.

I duly watched Hooded Angels in the early hours of this morning. It was poor in a number of ways altho’ entertaining enough to see through to the end, me being not the most discerning of viewer at this time.
Imagine a film where even the mud looked clean. A reasonable amount of slo-mo and blood, but Donohoe’s gang of beauties being tracked by Chippendale wannabees in cartoon clothes - and some falling in love on the way with’em, made this a real stinker. Now I’ve met some stereotypically rabidly anti-men psycho lezzies in my time - having been brought up in post-ripper “reclaim the night” Yorkshire, but I wasn’t really expecting such a hackneyed portrayal of one in this. A film that has a group of bad-ass gunslinging revenge-seeking women were ultimately let down by the weakness and pathalogically possessiveness of a deranged lesbian - in a film made in 2000! ???
Mind you, casting my obvious feminist principals aside for a moment ::slight_smile: , the bathhouse scene was still pretty good.

Baldi: Carambola’s Philosophy,_filotto…_tutti_in_buca
-Sequel to Trinity rip-off movie Carambola. Little bit funnier than the first as far as what I remember about the first one but it’s all mostly just slapstick fights and chase scenes with motorbike.

Where as the first film was just a bunch of shitty fight scenes

Not true. Actually not a bad little comedy.

I say it’s very true. And that increasingly annoying theme song plays through al of em’!

“The True Story Of Jesse James” (1957)
-Robert Wagner

Plot: IMDB
The last eighteen years in the life of Jesse James,told in a series of flashbacks showing his home life in Missouri, his experiences with Quantrill’s raiders, his career of banditry with his brother Frank and the Younger brothers, and his attempt to lead a peaceful life after the disastrous attempt to rob the bank at Northfield, Minn.

Phantom’s Review: Like most films about the James Gang, this film gets a few facts right but for the most part it’s a romanticized look at the life and crimes of Jesse James. Plenty of action and a slew of familiar faces make the film fun, but nothing great.

Yeah, I heard you the first time.

I had fun with it, 6/10 fun. Made me laugh, performances not bad, ok plot and I like that song. I’m perhaps not as sophisticated as you as I enjoyed those “shitty fight scenes”.

Only my opinion.

I understand that. And I respect it. And I gave mine.

Maybe you should write a Carambola review. It’d be different from the ones you usually write. But then, if your take on the film is “a bunch of shitty fight scenes”, it would be a very short one.

As long as we understand each other.

I don’t think I could sit through it again. I didn’t find it very interesting. It seemed rather dull to me. Pale imitation. Very repeticious.

my opinion. :smiley:

I once had a similar discussion over a certain ‘speeded up’ chase scene & to quote a certain user:

“It’s getting hot in here” :slight_smile:

Nah, it ain’t getting hot. I have no problem with his opinion. And even though I like that theme song, I can understand the irritation it causes with others.

Korano is good in elaborately praising films as practically all his reviews show, talking about style, great directing etc. I would be genuinely interested in a negative review by him. But maybe that’s not his thing to do.

Check out my review of In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Colt.,_the_Son,_and_the_Colt_Review

But it’s sometimes challenging getting into the right mind set to review a film you do not like. I have to be atleast somewhat enthused by a film to get into the critiquing mood. And i did have a hard time with this review.

I’ve been toying with the idea of reviewing Django Kill. I have a lot of ideas about that one that neither in favor or against which can be easy for a reviewer. It’s always best to have both bad and good things to talk about. Which is why I didn’t have too much trouble with my review of Boot Hill.

So I avoid reviewing films like Carambola and Grand Duel because I’m afraid my review would turn into an indiscriminate hate fest instead of an organized and thought-out critique.