The Last Western You Watched?

Joshua over the years …






Heh, that was an entertaining summary.


Probably the only car I ever liked (I don’t have a driving license).

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I have one, but I don’t like driving. But yes, I liked the sight of a Käfer too. I also light the sight of a Deux Chevaux, Citroën 2CV

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Yes, of course, very nice. In Germany and Austria the 2 CV was nicknamed “Ente” (duck). Wikipedia tells me that a Dutch journalist came up with this moniker in 1948: “het lelijke eendje” or “de lelijke eend.”

Correct. “Lelijk” means ugly, in those days some thought the car was ugly. A Dutch author, Rudy Kousbroek, later wrote very positively about the 2CV in his book De archeologie van de auto. Eventually many people loved the 2CV, but the term lelijk eendje remained popular.

I thought the gunfights kicked a lot of ass, and the movie did its best not to become a cliche. Medium-rate effort but still entertaining to watch

Imagine that, her name just happens to be (Käfer) too.:smiling_imp:

WARNING: Not Suitable for Work or Minors

EDIT: Very nice indeed Lone Gringo, but probably a bit strong for a site accessible to everyone, mate. Changed to a link instead - L.C.

Certainly no Lelijk Eendje (Ugly Duckling)

I watched Something Big with Dean Martin. I liked the first half but the second half was quite boring.

Sorry, L.C. I forgot that SWDB has a lot of 12 year old fans. Think i’ll go watch ( What’s New Pussycat ), addios!-L.G.

This post is now a great parody on the laws for the protection of the youth. :wink:

Who’s L.C. Lee Cleef?

Last Van Caress

Ahh that Van one …

Just viewed " Wanted" again. Good standard early one :grinning:, with Gemma doing what he has to do.

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I might have to re-watch that one, it’s been awhile since i watched a Gemma spagh.

Same here not viewed a Gemma one in a while, and it was nice going back to one of his agian.

Thomasine & Bushrod - Painfully boring blaxpoitation western a la Bonnie & Clyde. In fact I can’t believe I actually finished it.

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just heard of this from a post on facebook. i’d be interested in watching that :slight_smile: I think it could be the same “genre” as 800 Balas :wink: