The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

in which markets/versions? time to update imdb, they only have that regarding the uncredited co-writing credit…

I’ve only seen the UK release which was Z.X Jones, in the states the film was released by Paramount, and I expect it was the same credit sequence … American members?


This is from the version on Youtube … but I seem to remember his alias being used on earlier TV broadcasts.

If I can locate my UK DVD , I’ll see if that is different.

Damn … I just realized that the UK DVD from about 20 years ago, used a French print with the title, Un colt pour trois salopards (A colt for three bastards)

Not for me, both belong to his lesser films, but he made worse.

I also think that both are not SWs.

To my knowledge the directing of Hannie Caulder is always credited to Kennedy, the German version was.

Well, … entertainment value is always in the eye of the beholder, but I find his films, like ‘The Train Robbers’, ‘Dirty Dingus Magee’, ‘Young, Billy Young’ and ‘The Good Guys and the Bad Guys’, all pretty bad films, admittedly with big budgets and A list stars, but still third rate movies.

I saw it last night. Actually, a perfect cineplex experience because we went during the England semi-final so there was literally no one but us in the theatre. Whole place to ourselves. Which was useful as it meant I could stand up at the two hour mark and stretch my legs without bothering anyone.

I have to say two things.

  1. I enjoyed it.
  2. It really is more a TV show than a film.

It’s essentially an updated and grittier version of How the West Was Won so lacks focus at times as it skips from one narrative to another, from one character to another. As a result, I didn’t feel connected enough to any of them to be engrossed but I was involved enough not to get bored. I’ll be going back next month to watch the second half so I guess I liked it well enough.


I’d probably compare it to the absolutely awesome 1883… how does it stack up compared to that (which is actually a TV show)

Haven’t seen 1883 so can’t comment. It is slow for sure but I don’t mind that. And it has some good story arcs which I’m sure will come together in the second episode. Just felt more like a Netflix Original TV show to me. Not sure why it has been released in cinemas. Even the aspect ratio fits TV. Magnificent American vistas, of which it has plenty, should be in scope in a cinema I think.

Sure, a matter of taste, but The Good Guys and the Bad Guys is one I like, and yes, the other 3 suck, are worse.
At least The Deserter is of some interest, but the 2nd half is very forgettable.

Overall the good westerns by Kennedy are in the minority, and he was better with comedies than with drama westerns, and not good in directing action. Mag 7 part 2 is a total bore with lame action and terrible dialogues.

I can’t really think of a Burt Kennedy western that I don’t like. I enjoy Young Billy Young for what it is. It’s exactly the sort of film I can put on when I don’t want to overthink too much.

The Deserter is excellent and only let down by a poorly directed action sequence at the end (not Kennedy’s work, I think). There’s actually two dubs for the film. The one available in the spaghetti western box and on YouTube has another actor dubbing Bekim while the original version on European prints has his real voice. While the voice-actor sounds wooden, his English is clear. Bekim struggled with some pronunciation.

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In that case I watch Leone films … :slight_smile:

I recently rewatched Youg Billy Young, and I did not enjoy it.

But Leone’s films are pure art, like watching moving paintings, so my brain is definitely more focused.

They’ve announced that Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 2 has been pulled from it’s August release, at least here in the U.S., due to the first part bombing at the box office. They’ve decided that they want to give people more time to see the first part (Max and PVOD) before releasing the second part.

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I decided to re-watch Young Billy Young (1969). The last time I watched it was on VHS, so it was nice to finally check out my Blu-ray copy. The first 30 minutes of the film are very good, then it does drop off a little in the middle but manages to pick itself up towards the end. It isn’t very long (only 89 minutes), which makes it an easy watch. There’s a few similarities with the film, ‘Santee.’ I admit it’s nothing special, maybe not even a particularly good film, and yet I do still like it!

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Interesting! I never knew he disowned those films. If you asked me what American movies Burt Kennedy directed, I couldn’t tell you one.

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