The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

I see…



Just had a watch of Bounty Killer in Trinity, enjoyable slice of Fidani-esque Jeff Cameron action, then started Black Killer and saw a lot of the same footage in both fliks… No expense spared or used


Watching a masterpiece…
Corbucci’s Django, the new Cult Film blu-ray print from the recent triple boxset… Nice to see it in such a clear print


Popsjnr, when you watch ‘Django’ in such a gorgeous, restored state, it really is vibrant and beautiful, isn’t it?
I felt the same when I received the recent ‘Cult’ BD box-set.


Die Zeit der Geier / Last of the Badmen - Koch DVD.
Good, but could have been better.

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Couldn’t they all ?



Apache Drums (1951) , Hugo Fregonese

Following the recommendation by a current Spanish film producer on Twitter I checked out this low budget affair. While I’m usually not a fan of westerns about Injun attacks, this one I actually enjoyed. There are several cringeworthy moments with cheesy dialogue (and singing!), but overall this one has a unique, strange atmosphere that made it very much worthwhile. It has quite a bit of sun, dust and desert, and along the way the siege element becomes increasingly prominent. Also, in some key details, I think it does things a bit differently for 1951. Neither the blue-eyed good guy nor the fighting priest are the real heroes of the piece, for example.

The last act is set in a church where the remaining settlers barricade, and there’s a claustrophobic element in the imagery. The church has windows (without glass) up high near the roof, and when occasionally warriors come flying down into the church, their full bodies painted in all sorts of dayglow colours, it all gets almost as surreal as a dark fairytale, or a nightmare.

Considering its age and budget (no stars, small cast, few locations), I thought that was an interesting one.


I continued my Miles Deem journey with Adios Companeros… And my standards must be slipping like crazy coz I thoroughly enjoyed it, might be alongside Four Came to Kill Sartana as my favourite (so far…) of Fidani’s movies… Hunt Powers was a great Butch Cassidy, and Jeff Cameron is creeping up my rankings as a spaghetti star



Enjoyed a double-bill of ‘Young Guns’ 1 & 2…I’ve always loved these films, and Emilio Estevez makes a memorable Billy the Kid.


Two Crosses at Danger Pass - French DVD

I met Kiefer Sutherland at a horror con last year, and he was doing duo photo ops with Lou Diamond Phillips, that was really cool.