The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0


I saw this one and liked it so much that I pre-ordered the Blu Ray. I can’t help in my mind comparing it to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford or Unforgiven though others may not see it that way. The underlying mystery of the film, namely exactly who is this “Old Henry”, and the relationship between he and his son add some real depth to the movie but the action scenes, when they come, are more than satisfying. Tim Blake Nelson, always a great character actor, is phenomenal in the lead. An enthusiastic :+1: :+1:


I had a feeling, when I saw the pre-release trailer, that this would be a good un.
Tim Blake Nelson is so watchable, anyway.
Looking forward to this…

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The Harder They Fall.
Tough one. I appreciate the style, the shootouts, the coolness, the cast… but it was just a tad too boring… and polished. 2/5


That’s disappointing to hear. Such a great cast too with Idris Elba and Regina King.

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I shall be checking this one out for myself very soon, hopefully over this weekend at some stage. I hope I enjoy it a little more than you did because it looks great off of the trailers (not that that’s ever a particularly accurate barometer of course) and I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now.


Seen it yesterday as well.
I liked the movie a bit more but indeed the mid part became boring at some point. The bank robbery and final shootout were ok but nothing special or new added. I would rate it 3/5.

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Pretty good blaxploitation western with mighty soundtrack and unexpected final twist. And yes, gunshots finally sound badass and not like popping popcorn in microwave. Thumbs up from me. 8/10

I just wasted 2 minutes of my life watching the trailer of The Harder They Fall. A woke western that looks like shit, with terrible performances. The main character, in real life, was a rapist and a child murderer, but they probably don’t show that in the movie. The music sucks as well. Horrendous.

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I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m strangely tempted to take a look, just to annoy myself ! LOL

I’m afraid I can’t take any modern ‘westerns’ seriously … so far that is, but could this be the one to turn it around for me? … I doubt it :wink:

Watched The Harder They Fall (Samuel, 2021) last night. As with just about all original Netflix content, it has a high-definition sheen to it which always keeps me a little at arm’s length but it was really pretty good. The anachronistic gospel/funk/soul soundtrack doesn’t let up from the first minute until the last and that can grate at times but it’s also frequently very good. The decision to give all of these completely fictional characters within this completely fictional story the names of genuine people of colour from American history is puzzling; I mean, why? Still, I mostly look for cool characters moving through highly stylised and improbable circumstances into scenes of blood-strewn carnage in my westerns, and The Harder They Fall provides plenty of that.


Old Henry(2021)
Surprisingly good western that I didn’t expect. It’s a slow- burn story that keeps you engaged until the end with a twist that i didn’t see it coming… Well worth the watch. 7/10


3:10 to Yuma. I went a bit Spagvemberfest AWOL and finally crossed this off my list. Wow. Instant favorite. The black and white on the BluRay looks beautiful too


In a Valley of Violence

B grade western, made on the cheap. Best thing about it is Travolta’s death scene. The story is quite stupid, but merely an excuse for the revenge plot. Some spaghetti influence (credit sequence and music) elevate this a bit. Taissa Farmiga has a nice presence here. Overall the movie is watchable, but that’s about it.

Once Upon a Time in Deadwood - 3/10. Oh boy, that sure was… something. I might make a separate topic about it in the next few days to share some of my thoughts on this… thing.

3/10 is generous - This barely qualifies as film! :crazy_face:

It was sort of amusing in its ineptness. I give 1/10 or 2/10 to stuff that is devoid of any fun (for me) or just makes me pissed off for all the wrong reasons.

Just finished Ramon the Mexican after seeing someone on here mention it as one of their top twenty. Personally it wasn’t my favorite but it had a lot of really good parts. The scene where Flint trains his draw by holding his hand on the chopping block was especially great.


In a Valley of Violence
Nice revenge movie with some interesting plot twists (revenge a dog, hostile must shoot his friends, the sheriff/father stands between the duelists). Music sounded like the Braying mule of Morricone and opening credits in SW style.
But why all the talking and explaining in the movie. Spoils the fun and takes the movie to a lower level than necessary. I like to watch my movies, not lectured why actions are taken. Let the fantasy do its work.


Three of my all-time favourite Westerns…I never grow tired of them - especially in the run up to Christmas every year.


Hour Of The Gun (1967)
Doc (1971)

Beth recommendations of members here when I was searching out some non-spaghetti westerns some years back…

Giving them another shot, and I liked both much better this time around, although Hour of the Gun still had some of the same problems for me.

Doc on the other hand faired much better, and probably moved up the ladder a bit, maybe because I’m drinking too much whiskey these days :crazy_face:

If anyone can recommend some more US westerns from this time period which are a bit grimier and not so “clean cut cowboy” please do so