The Last Western You Watched? ver.2.0

(scherpschutter) #522

OK, here we go

  • True Grit - 10/10
    My vote: 7/10
  • Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 8/10
    My Vote: 9½ / 10
  • War Wagon - 6/10
    My vote: 6/10
  • Chisum - 4/10
    My Vote 5/10
  • El Dorado - 7-8/10
    My Vote: 9/10
  • Rio Lobo - 7-8/10
    My Vote 7/10
  • The Undefeated - 9/10
    My Vote: 5/10
  • Hondo - 8/10
    My Vote: 7/10
  • The Searchers - 9/10
    My Vote: 8/10
  • Rio Bravo - 8/10
    My Vote 10/10

(tomas) #523

As I thought.

I might give it 9/10, for it was first of the three, but it was just so f@#$ing overlong, and ending could be better. Just some shooting and dynamite throwing? Really? That’s all?

(El Topo) #524

Pffff, now I have to watch them all over again


I re-watched ‘Rio Bravo’ recently, and it’s still very enjoyable … but, Ricky Nelson, what a dreadful actor and a really obnoxious cocky character … I think we are supposed to like him, and Wayne’s character gives him the breaks … but he really sucks. :nauseated_face:

(Stanton) #526

Stanton’s Wayne:

  • True Grit - 10/10
    Scherp: 7/10
    Stan: 9

  • Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 8/10
    Scherp: 9½ / 10
    Stan: 8

  • War Wagon - 6/10
    Scherp: 6/10
    Stan: 6

  • Chisum - 4/10
    Scherp: 5/10
    Stan: 3 (on a good day)

  • El Dorado - 7-8/10
    Scherp: 9/10
    Stan: 9

  • Rio Lobo - 7-8/10
    Scherp: 7/10
    Stan: 6

  • The Undefeated - 9/10
    Scherp: 5/10
    Stan: 4

  • Hondo - 8/10
    Scherp: 7/10
    Stan: 7

  • The Searchers - 9/10
    Scherp: 8/10
    Stan: 8,5

  • Rio Bravo - 8/10
    Scherp: 10/10
    Stan: 9

(tomas) #527

Is there Wayne’s western, which would get 10/10 from you? @stanton

(scherpschutter) #528

Not bad, Stan :wink:

(alk0) #529

Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson - 7/10
Seraphim Falls - 7/10
La morte non conta i dollari - 6/10

(Stanton) #530


As much as I like the films of Ford and Hawks, which are easily Wayne’s most important directors, but both never made a perfect film, even the best have some basic flaws. That makes them kinda overrated for me, on a high level though.

Another 9/10 is Fort Apache, but this is Henry Fonda’s film.

(Andy) #531

Watching A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe tonight. I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere close to as good as the first Nobody film. Nice music by Ennio Morricone, though. Nice appearance by Klaus Kinski.

(Wilco Vedder) #532

Recently watched The Hunting Party
Was on my list for a very long time. Somehow it did not live up to my expectations.

But a Hunting party? After the first real shoot there are only 2 left. Not really a party.
And I did not understand why the movie ends the way it did. Living happily ever after is not always necessary but was there no alternative?
A good score. A bit itoo much n the background.

(Martin) #533

… and hideous rear-projection shots – in 1971!

(Wilco Vedder) #534

To be honest, I tought the story had a bit of face to face. Frank changed like Beauregard from criminal, even left his guns behind.
Brandt on the other hand remains a bastard.

(autephex) #535

Yeah, I always quite liked the film actually… although its been a long time since my last viewing and things change. But I still have yet to read the comics, so I never had this problem

(autephex) #536

Its funny, I love the song now and it was easily one of my favorite things in the film on last viewing. But I remember always finding it completely ridiculous in the past. I mean, I still find it ridiculous, but also great

If you happen to know of the band Behemoth, I guess the lead man was heavily influenced by this film’s theme for his side project, Me and That Man


Good assessment, Autephex. Mannaja’s theme song is so novel that it’s initially hard to classify based on what most are accustomed to hearing. The Good, Bad, and The Ugly theme has similar innovative peculiarity that’s widely appreciated yet too unique to spawn definitive equivalents.

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis’ Goodbye My Friend was my first exposure to their music and has a similar feel. I visualized a broken-down, drunken lounge singer crooning(or slurring) barely understandable broken-English to the point that it felt like an offbeat novelty song. At the same time I thought it was great and one of the elements I most associated with and remember from Street Law.

I like that music video you posted. :+1:

(kit saginaw) #538

Final verdict, Tremors 4 is a western. * gavel slam! *

(Sebastian) #539

Invitation to a Gunfighter
The Tall T
both very good

(tomas) #540

Few spaghs watched during the holidays, here are the results:

15 Scaffolds For A Killer - I had high hopes for this one because it got one of the coolest sw titles ever, but you know what? Never trust a spaghie with a cool title!

Karambola - basically, two guys imitating the other two. Quite funny at times, first half better. It contains the epic milk drinking scene of which I thought was in some Spencer/Hill effort.

1000 Dollari Sul Nero - Not bad, but I somehow didn’t like Garko’s performance that much. Plenty of interesting scenes can be found, I really liked when bros’ mother went with a rifle into the massacre and it was filmed in one long shot.

John Il Bastardo - Nice theme song. I somewhat expected more, but it was quite interesting anyway, the casanova gunslinger antihero is definitely a genre addition I would work with if I was a sw director, although the result would be a bit different.

Bastards Go And Kill Chaco - This was one of the most boring spaghs ever. There is not a single scene I would want to watch again. Last 20 minutes I simply put fastforeward to use on some occassions. There’s really nothing, not even good music, just some Rustichelli’s bits from another movie. This one easily went to my Bottom 20.

Tre Pistole Kontra Cezare - Fastforwarding like a motherf&@$er. Bottom 20 stuff for sure.

(The Man With a Name) #541

I actually like these Coby/Smith rip offs. You do have to be in the mood though.